What Is CBN (Cannabinol) and What Are Its Benefits?


For some time, scientists and marijuana advocates have been studying the effects of cannabinoid groups such as THC and CBD. Many surprising and promising properties have been revealed through these inquiries. So much so that now, they’re beginning to look into whether other cannabinoid groups may have some of the same effects. Cannabinol (or CBN) is one such group. But what is CBN? What are scientists beginning to discover about this less well-known element of the cannabis plant?

Read on to find out everything we know about CBN so far. What is CBN good for and what is the difference between CBD and CBN?

CBN and CBD: What’s the Difference?

Chances are, you’ve already heard of CBD, and may even be aware of some of its common uses and effects. But you may not have heard of CBN.

The main difference between the two lies in how they react within the human body. Whereas CBD does not directly attach itself to cannabinoid receptors, CBN binds with the CB1 receptor, like THC.

Although they might be different in this respect, the two actually do share some similarities, as well.

One thing they have in common is that neither one is likely to produce the high that’s associated with the THC cannabinoid group. Although CBN is technically classed as a psychoactive compound, because of the endocannabinoid receptor it reacts with, it is of a much lower strength than THC. This means it is only likely to create a psychoactive reaction in those that have very high sensitivity levels.

Something else CBD and CBN have in common are the effects they both produce.

Potential Effects and Uses of CBN

Study into the effects of CBN is currently on a much smaller scale and earlier stage than that of CBD or THC, but the findings so far are promising. Here’s what we do know.

Like THC (and unlike CBD) CBN has been shown to increase appetite levels. Various studies have shown early evidence that it may have anti-convulsant, anti-inflammatory, and antibiotic properties, as well.

One study found that using CBN along with CBD increased its pain-relieving properties, even against chronic pain diseases such as fibromyalgia and arthritis.

There are also findings to support the theory that like CBD, CBN may be effective at relieving stress and anxiety. Its abilities as a sleep aid have caused a rise in the popularity of CBN gummies for sleeping.

Early studies into CBN are promising, although findings are as of yet largely inconclusive. As such, much more research will be required to verify these effects, and possibly discover some of the other positive medicinal properties of CBN.

What Is CBN and How Should You Use It?

What is CBN? What are its effects? Not enough is known about CBN to say for sure what concrete effects it has on the human body.

That said, early evidence is promising. Whether you use it in oil, tincture, or gummy form, you may find it helps with anxiety, pain, or difficulty sleeping.

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