What Are The Top-Notch Benefits Of Good Skirting Boards?


The skirting board is a feature of exterior woodwork found in the English vernacular. It is an attractive plinth with a decorative frame supporting boards fitted to the wall and floor joints where a window or door opens. A skirting board comes in many shapes and sizes, from simple to ornate frames. It has been used on walls and floors for centuries, sometimes adding a form to a structure or simply adjusting its design as new style styles became popular.

Skirting boards are often neglected, but they are important, and they have many advantages. We tell you what makes them fantastic in this information.

1. Skirting Boards Conserve Space

A skirting board is a plinth covering the wall’s exterior part that you can look at https://mdfskirtingworld.co.uk/skirting-boards/. They are called baseboard, skirting, skive, and stop end. The purpose is to cover the ends of walls, floors, or even ceilings to make a smooth surface for the next interior or exterior coating. They are usually made of wood, but they could be anything from plastic to marble, depending on how you want them to look.

2. Skirting Boards Are Used As Decoration

Decorative skirting are used as an art form in themselves, especially when they are complex and have many carvings. They could be carved in a straight line or have curved designs. For example, newel posts are used as a decorative skirting board at the bottom of stairways.

3. Preventing Damage to Floors and Walls

They serve to protect the walls from damage that comes from the floor and vice versa. Skirting boards are very useful for preventing moisture damage, particularly when there is any type of moisture problems like leaks or bad weather conditions like snow causing ice dams. In this case, it prevents water that penetrates under your house from causing damage to your floors and walls by allowing it to drain away as it is designed to do so.


4. Reduces The Risk of Damage

It prevents damage to the wall. This is very true when there are small children in the house. Skirting boards prevent children from banging their heads on the wall or falling on a sharp edge. It also protects walls from excessive wear and tears that may cause them to crack and collapse.

5. Highlights A Particular Feature

Sometimes, it can be used as a decorative feature by highlighting a particular structure inside your home, such as a door or wainscoting. It is also useful for creating an area where air can flow easily, like under windows, heating vents, and vacuuming systems.

6. Protects Walls From Scratches

Different sorts of scratches can be found on walls and skirting boards. Skirting boards help protect the walls from scratches and burns. You might not notice if you don’t look in certain places like behind furniture or under china cabinets, but often this is where these types of damage occur.

7. Helps With Moisture Problems

It prevents rainwater from penetrating under the house while providing an effective drain for rainwater away from your property through its plinths, specifically stopping water from falling around any vents and floor drains to prevent flooding on the ground level.