7 Fictitious Films That Have A Realistic Feel To Them


Films may be a fantastic way to get away from reality. But what if there were movies so lifelike that you forgot you were watching one? We’ve all been in that situation. You’re surfing through the stations when you come across a film that appears so authentic that you assume it’s nonfiction. These films are so impressively genuine that they might easily pass for non-fiction. It may be the way the actors deliver their dialogues or the way the scenery feels so natural. These films will make you think twice about pressing the “reality” button on your TV remote again, from stressful hostage scenarios to gruesome natural catastrophe images. Grab some popcorn and prepare for an unforgettable film experience.

1. American Psycho

American Psycho is the first film on the list. Christian Bale appeared as Patrick Bateman, the protagonist of the film, which was released in 2000. This character is a wealthy New York City investment banker who enjoys killing women and men with his sharp blade or hammer, which he uses to exact revenge on both genders for their “shallow” lives, which he believes they live while he suffers from anxiety attacks while attempting to cope with it all at work and at home. It’s the ideal film for folks who need to unwind and see something realistic while they’re worried. Furthermore, this fantastic film is freely accessible via Pirate Bay.

2. The Lighthouse

It’s no secret that horror films are one of the most popular genres today, but this one takes things a step further by including historical themes into the story (which includes pirates). Something you might not have known about this film before you saw it? There was very little CGI used in the production of it. It’s a breath of fresh air and provides you with the ride of your life. To be fair, the performers’ performances were really honest. However, thanks to their abilities as actors, they can persuade audiences that they are actually experiencing something terrifying with them on screen—an impact that only adds to the drama for viewers.

3. The Machinist

This film was released in 2004 and is a psychological thriller. Trevor Reznik, a machinist who hasn’t slept in a year, is the protagonist. The cause of his sleeplessness is unknown, but it begins to have a physical and emotional impact on him. As you can expect, this is a thrilling viewing. What makes it so plausible? Christian Bale’s look as Reznik after losing 63 pounds (29 kg) for the job was quite believable as someone who hadn’t slept in over a year. It also, without a doubt, added to the film’s reality.

4. The Act of Killing

This documentary-style film was produced in 2012 and depicts the narrative of Indonesian death squad leaders who were responsible for the deaths of over a million people during the genocide of 1965–1966. The interviews with the killers are what provide credibility to the film. It becomes evident that they have no regret for their misdeeds as they discuss them in great detail. Indeed, some of them take delight in telling their horrible stories. Furthermore, the atmosphere of the video is incredibly realistic, with the interviewees sitting in their run-down houses and talking on old phones.

5. The Insider

Based on a true tale, this 1999 drama follows a 60 Minutes producer who attempts to expose the cigarette business. Michael Mann directed the picture, which stars Russell Crowe and Al Pacino. It’s really realistic, from the environment to the conversation, and it gives you a behind-the-scenes peek at how major corporations work. Furthermore, it’s a fantastic film with Al Pacino at his finest. It teaches us to stick to our guns if we have a good concept.

6. Capturing the Friedmans

A family is ripped apart by charges of child abuse in this 2003 documentary. Archival video from the 1980s and 1990s, as well as interviews with members of the Friedman family, are featured in the film. It’s quite realistic because it makes you feel like you’re in their houses, listening to them tell about what happened to them ten years ago, which is extremely moving. Furthermore, it teaches us that not everything is black and white; every tale may have two sides. In recent years, it has developed a cult-like following.

7. The One I Love

The One I Love is a 2014 film about a divorced couple who are brought to a rural vacation house by their marital therapist in the hopes of saving their marriage. They rapidly discover, however, that things are not as they seem at first look. A fantastic cast of actors and actresses, as well as an entertaining narrative, make this film much more lifelike than it already is; you’ll easily forget that it’s a work of fiction.


To conclude, the fictitious films with a realistic vibe listed above are, in reality, the most authentic films ever created. The list is extensive and varied.