Weapon Storage: How to Properly Store Your Gun

weapon storage

The Second Amendment undoubtedly gives American citizens the right to carry firearms. With this right comes the natural responsibility to keep these firearms in safe storage.

Whether or not you’ve purchased your first gun or are an experienced gun enthusiast, it’s important to properly learn how to store weapons and stay safe. In fact, proper weapon storage can keep you and your loved ones safe from a tragic accident.

If you’re compelled to store your weapon safely, here are some of the most effective tips to follow.

Invest in Trigger Locks

Trigger locks are affordable and basic mechanisms for preventing unauthorized people from using your firearm without your permission.

Nowadays, dealers or manufacturers provide these devices upon every new gun sale. A trigger lock essentially blocks the trigger from being pressed down. Since these locks are installed directly on the trigger, these devices should never be used on loaded guns.

Trigger locks are a great option if you have curious children in your home. If you don’t store your gun properly, you can completely rule out the possibility of one of your kids finding your gun.

With trigger locks, you can prevent an unfortunate accident from taking place in your home.

Buy a Gun Case

It goes without saying that every gun owner should have a case for their weapon. This case should, then, be stored in a weapon storage locker for safekeeping.

A gun case provides a safe place for your gun, out of the reach of children and other unauthorized users. It’s also important to state that your gun case should be the second line of defense against unauthorized use. You should also install a weapon storage cabinet to store your gun case.

Consider Buying a Gun Safe

If you want to take all the necessary precautions for storing your weapon securely, buying a gun safe may be your best bet. A safe is almost impenetrable by anyone you didn’t give permission to use your gun.

If you’re interested in buying a gun safe, here are some considerations to keep in mind:

  • Safe Size: A larger safe will have a higher cost, so be mindful of choosing a product that gives you appropriate interior space.
  • Steel Thickness: The quality of the steel will also impact how much a safe will cost, but this consideration is also important for safety reasons.
  • Fire Rating: Gun safes need to be fireproof just in case a home fire takes place.

Following these tips, on top of receiving proper training, is best for keeping your gun out of the wrong hands.

Create a Safe Space for Your Gun

Sometimes the most effective weapon storage solution is the simplest one. It’s important to keep your gun out of ordinary sight. Whether you have a secret compartment for your safe under your bed or a wall safe, your gun’s location should never be conspicuous.

Want to Learn More About Weapon Storage

Weapon storage is a highly important topic among both new and veteran gun owners. If you’re looking for more information to keep your guns in a safe place, contact us today to learn more about our gun safety courses.