The Benefits of Custom Sign Printing for Your Campaign

Custom Sign Printing

You’ve got your eye on political office. You have major plans for reforms. You’ve got a list of platform issues that you’re bringing to the voters. And, you don’t mean to brag, but you’ve put together a crackerjack team of political operatives and campaign managers to get you over the finish line.

But one day, as you’re sitting around the war room table and planning your campaign, your Communications expert asks, “Should we budget for custom sign printing?”

You’ve voted in previous elections and you’ve seen these signs before. And while seeing your face in lights and on billboards does have a certain appeal, you also don’t want to throw away your campaign funds for nothing.

Should you invest in custom street signs? Do custom metal signs have a place in your run? Here are four reasons why custom signs could be your campaign’s secret weapon. Just keep reading.

1. Signs Can Give Voters a Chance to Warm Up to You

In today’s world where 27 percent of internet users are said to be using ad blockers and people are prone to skipping the commercials, nobody wants to be sold to. And during campaign season, it’s not unusual for people to reach a point where they’re not interested in political ads even if you’re their dream candidate.

So what’s a political campaign to do in these circumstances?

Custom aluminum signs can help you get on people’s radar without having to interrupt their sports-watching experiences or their dinners. A well-placed sign that’s seen at the right time can help build up curiosity so that people can search you out on their own.

In marketing, awareness is often half the battle. And custom-printed yard signs can do a lot to get people talking.

2. Signs Can Help Your Campaign Increase Its Reach

The thing about political campaigning is that you have a limited window to get your message out there. To make a dent in the polls, you have to be everywhere.


Because not all voters will get their information in one place. Some folks will get their news primarily through social media sites like Twitter or Reddit. Others will get their headlines from the news. And then there are other folks who might be offline and getting their information primarily from the radio or from newspapers.

In general, people are often willing to trust information that they hear from friends and family. If someone in your target audience was to meet up for dinner or to start seeing your campaign signs in familiar yards around town, sometimes that’s enough to get that curiosity going.

And in a world where first-mover advantage is still a thing, sometimes that’s all you need to get your foot in the door.

3. Signs Can Hammer Home the Purpose of Your Campaign

One of the biggest problems faced by politicians today on the campaign trail is that they have to find ways of condensing big, complicated problems into one or two soundbites that people can understand. Most adults in the U.S. have a full schedule on their plates between their jobs, their family obligations, and their downtime. Very few of your voters are going to be the kind of people who spend several hours each week consuming political content.

What this means is that your campaign will have to work extra hard to streamline your platform and your positions into something that can give a coherent answer to the question, “What does your political campaign stand for?”.

Here is where custom-printed aluminium signs or yard signs can come in handy.

You need your slogan to be specific and you need it to have substance. But even after you’ve had your brainstorming sessions and you’ve put together your million-dollar slogan, you still have to work hard at sending the message home to voters. A well-positioned sign that people see on their daily commute can make all the difference in that regard.

4. You Can Use Signs to Stretch Your Campaign Budget

You don’t need us to tell you that money makes a difference in politics. You have to pay your staffers. Radio and commercial ads aren’t free. And if you’re working the media or running a tight digital ad campaign, you’ve got to spend even more money on marketers.

With so many advertising and marketing strategies demanding daily, weekly, and monthly budgets, signs are a low-cost way to keep yourself on the radar. And with many providers of custom political campaign supplies effectively functioning as one-stop shops that allow you to buy signs along with stickers, t-shirts, and everything else, a yard sign strategy can help you and your campaign get a little more bang for your advertising buck.

Amplify Your Political Campaign With Custom Sign Printing

The thing about politics is that it’s often the little things that can make or break your chances of success. Maybe the voter who would have loved you and your campaign chose someone else simply because your opponent got to them first. Or maybe your digital targeting was off by just a little bit and your message just wasn’t able to resonate with voters to the degree that you thought it would.

Custom sign printing makes it possible for you to get your message out there at a minimal cost. And in a world where traditional and digital marketing are becoming more sophisticated, there’s something to be said for the effectiveness of a well-placed and well-designed campaign sign.

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