Signs of a Guardian Angel Visit That You Shouldn’t Ignore

guardian angel

The Bible states that God will “command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways.” There are multiple references to Guardian Angels in the Bible. They are also found in other religious texts important to Christianity.

Many other religions have equitable figures in their texts as well, from the benevolent demigods found in Hinduism, to the semi-divine heroes of old in Ancient Greek Mythology.

Learning to interpret the signs of a Guardian Angel’s intervention in your life is an important metaphysical skill that can help you find meaning in a chaotic world. Look out for these signs.

Near-Death Experience

If you were facing certain doom and at the last minute some miraculous circumstance intervened, this could be the work of your Guardian Angel. A prime example would be a bus swerving at the last minute to avoid hitting you.

But there can be other more subtle experiences. Sometimes listening to that inner voice or intuition can be interpreted as listening to the guidance of a Guardian Angel.

This avoidance of near-death experience can be cataloged throughout history on a mass scale.

For instance, on 9/11 there are countless tales of people who rebooked their flights at the last minute, or rescheduled meetings in the World Trade Center because of a subtle intuition. Is this mere luck, or something more?

Living a Happy Full Life

If your life is full of joy, productivity, and is all-around awesome, it could be the work of your Guardian Angel. Eastern religions believe in “Karma” as a force of action and reaction that influences your quality of life.

Western religions such as Christianity have similar forces as well, with the commitment of sins leading to folly and failure. If your life is amazing, it could be the work of a Guardian Angel watching over you because of your pureness of heart.

Learn More About Your Guardian Angel

Life is a miracle, and the world can be both miraculous and terrible depending on your perspective and fate. If you want to learn more about Guardian Angels there are countless religious texts available to analyze.

You can learn about important concepts such as pennies from heaven and find out how to recognize other signs that your Guardian Angel has paid you a visit. Your relationship with your Guardian Angel is a personal one so make it your own unique experience!

At the end of the day, believing in Guardian Angels is all about your own individual faith. Don’t let anybody tell you that you are wrong, but also try not to impress your belief system on others who are unwilling to understand.

This humble path of resilient, tolerant, faith is a sure way to embrace the mysteries of the world, without making others feel discriminated against or wrong in their own beliefs.

Stay True to Yourself

Having a Guardian Angel is a comforting thought in a modern world that can often overlook the metaphysical mysteries of faith. It is nice to know that some divine being always has your back.

Learn more about Guardian Angles by researching religious texts today, and start to form a personal faith-based relationship with yours. For all of your other news and information, make sure to check out the rest of our blog.