Science Says These Are the Ideal Facial Features and Proportions

Facial Features and Proportions

Everyone wants to hear that they are beautiful. But what if the idea of beauty is not what we have always thought it to be? While beauty is always said to have been in the eye of the beholder, studies show that this is not necessarily the case. We all know that certain facial features and proportions are considered beautiful or handsome, but the question is, why? What exactly makes someone attractive? What does science have to say on this matter?

Let’s take look at what we’ve discovered.


A familiar face is an attractive one. You may have heard the cheesy line “You look familiar, do you come here often?” and at the time you probably rolled your eyes! But scientifically speaking, the person asking was honestly attracted to you.

Over time, familiar faces morph to the equivalent of safe and trustworthy in the human mind. This is attractive for most of us.

Average and Simple

Being considered average is not quite the compliment we all want to hear. Until now. In 2012, a study showed that when looking for the love of your life, people prefer an average face.

Simple faces are also rated at the top of the attractive scale. Our brains find it easier to compute a simple or average face, and this is more comfortable and attractive to us.

The Baby Face

Having large eyes, a small nose and chin as well as long eyelashes and full lips have always been attractive. Think of Barbie!

While this also describes the face of a baby, a youthful face will always be described as beautiful.

Symmetrical vs Asymmetrical

Symmetrical and asymmetrical faces rate differently for attractiveness. Some people prefer the quirky or unusual set of features often found in less symmetrical faces, but there’s no doubt that symmetry is a firm favorite.

Symmetrical facial features have always signified health and vitality. To this end, companies such as Starecta have specialist dental and physical treatments dedicated to achieving facial and bodily symmetry for all genders and ages. Symmetry is certainly a global goal.

Men vs Women

There are dozens of opinions on what makes men and women attractive. While some prefer things such as hair color and tanned skin, actual facial preferences differ greatly.

While men look for high arched brows, small noses, and good skin, women prefer more mature faces, average lips, and noses, and straight eyebrows raised at the ends. It is also shown that men with facial scars were considered great for short-term relationships, and those with facial hair better for long-term commitments.

The Facts of Facial Features

Attractiveness based on our facial features is a complex science to explain, but the fact of the matter remains; we like what we like, and science can prove why!

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