Planning Tech Industry Conventions: A Complete Guide

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Do you work in the tech industry? Are you looking to network and bring together the top professionals in the tech industry? You should consider hosting tech industry conventions. These are large-scale events where tech companies can promote their products/services. It’s also a great opportunity for networking and self-promotion. But how do you host a successful tech industry convention? How do you set up the convention and attract companies and professionals?  Here is a Complete Guide and Planning Tech Industry Conventions.

Start Selling Tickets Immediately

As soon as you’ve booked your venue and dates, you should start selling tickets to the convention.

You want to make sure that you sell as many tickets to cover your expenses. You also can scale as you go depending on how many tickets you sell.

Make sure you start promoting the event each day until the event. This ensures that you’ll sell as many tickets as possible. 

You also want to try to sell excess tickets or create a waitlist. You can expect several cancellations or no-shows. Make sure these get filled by the attendees on the waitlist.

Plan Your Design

Next, you want to plan your design for the convention. Your design has to be based upon the atmosphere you wish to create.

For example, you might want to order flowers to bring a sense of warmth to the convention.

Tech events can often be fast-paced. As such, flowers add to a relaxed atmosphere so your attendees won’t feel overwhelmed.

You want to consider having live music as well as visuals on display. You don’t want to overdo it, but this can add to the excitement of the event. Consider looking at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics show as a convention event example.

Trade Booths

You want to offer trade booth options at your convention. These are where tech companies can promote themselves and what they offer.

For example, a trade booth can get used for a company to recruit new talent. It can also sell or promote its latest products. Tech conventions are often the place to introduce a new product for many companies.

You can offer different sizes of trade booths to your companies. Make sure you charge enough to cover your expenses.


The final step is to offer catering for your tech industry convention. While this isn’t required, it’ll definitely attract more attendees.

You can choose to offer a buffet option. This is the ideal option if you want to encourage networking. Another option is to offer finger foods and appetizers.

Make sure you have an abundance of water, juices, and sodas. You can also choose to have an open bar option. This is also a great option if you want to focus on networking with the convention.

That’s How to Plan Tech Industry Conventions

Follow these simple steps and you’ll have no problem planning tech industry conventions!

Start with finding the right venue and booking your dates right away. Start selling tickets without worrying about preparation.

As you sell more tickets, you can scale up with your trade booths, decorations, and catering options. 

Please share this guide with other tech professionals. You can find more event planning tips on our website!