Place Where You Can Go Street Shopping in Delhi


Whether you are looking for electronics, shoes, artificial jewelry, books, and handicraft items, In Delhi you will find them on the street. Shopping in a mall has its own advantages especially it is comfortable and you will get high-quality products, but shopping in Delhi streets or bazaars is the best shopping experience.

Shopping in Delhi is fun due to its vibrant shopping experience and vast product available here. Delhi has the best shopping market in the country, selling a huge variety of different products sold by many shopkeepers in different parts of the city.

“Our Beloved Delhi has street markets like no other city in India”

Here I have listed the top Street shopping place, market or bazaar in Delhi along with its opening time and Day (So that your time and effort are not wasted.)

Attention: How to Reach the Market with Ease

Here, I am not considering using personal vehicle like a car, two-wheeler, etc, If you are doing street shopping in any street shopping place in Delhi then public transport is the best thing to consider as they are cheap and comfortable. You can use the Delhi transport corporation AC or non-AC bus whose tickets are very reasonable, you can also use Delhi Metro as it covers almost the entire country’s capital.

1. Janpath Market

  • Location: Janpath, just off Connaught Place, in New Delhi.
  • Opening Hours: Daily (11 am-9 pm).
  • Closed: Sundays

Most popular street shopping market in the capital city of Delhi. If shopping is your strong hobby then this place is heaven and should not be missed. In this street market you will get a plethora of different products ranging from clothes to handicrafts and much more. Janpath market is a huge hit for shoppers like tourists, foreigner’s even local Delhiites enjoy shopping here.

Janpath market is the combination of Gujarati and Tibetan markets. All the shopkeepers shout and call your attention to sell their products, especially seasonal wears. Here you will see two types of shops, one who tagged them as a fixed price shop and others where you can freely bargain. So if you have good bargain skills then you will get your product at a very cheap rate.

How to Reach Janpath Market

No matters at which corner of Delhi you are in, you can easily reach the Janpath market without any hassle.

By Metro: Rajiv Chowk metro station is the nearest metro station although some people might know other metro stations that is nearby, but i always exit from gate no.5 of Rajiv chowk metro station that leads me to Janpath.

By Bus: Take DTC bus no.780 from I.G.I. Airport Terminal 2 and get down at the Palika Kendra. Walk down for 9 minutes and you will reach your destination.

Best Time to Visit Janpath Market

Summers: Delhi is a very hot place during summers (from April to June) since most of the market is out on the street.

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Suggestion: Avoid during April to June month, but if you are planning to shop during these months then it is advisable to carry umbrella and drink a lot of water.

Winters: Like summers, Delhi is a very cold place during winters (from December to January).

Suggestion: Avoid during these chilly winter months. 

Janpath market is open between 11 a.m to 9 p.m, if you want to explore Janpath during winters then 2 to 4 pm will be the best time, during summers then 5 to 8 pm will be the best time. So, the best time to visit is between February to March and September to November.

2. Sarojini Nagar

  • Location: South Delhi, near Safdarjung Airport.
  • Opening Hours: Daily (10 am-9 pm) 
  • Closed: Monday.

It is very obvious if you get confused in this huge market. This place is heaven for the girls, you will find everything like -cute tops, printed t-shirts, Kurtis, bags, clutches, shoes, and stylish belts. Most of the stocks in this market come on Tuesday, so it is advisable to explore this market on Tuesday. You can buy clothes for daily use at a very cheap price. Sarojini Nagar market is not limited to clothes shopping but it has lip-smacking street foods like, shakarkandi (sweet potato), momos, pakodi, samosas, fresh juice, etc. You will also see haldirams, Dominos, etc next to the mall near this market.

Pro-Tips: If you like any product in this market, do not let the shopkeeper know about it. If the seller is selling the product you are buying at a high price (Which is obvious), just pretend to leave the place by this way you can settle the price of the product at your norms.

How to Reach Sarojini Nagar Market

You can reach here via Delhi metro as well as via Bus. INA metro station is the nearest metro to reach the Sarojini Nagar market. Once you exit from the metro you will find several shared E-rickshaw for INR10 and private auto heading towards the market for just INR30.

Best Time to Visit Janpath Market

Summers: Avoid during extreme summers (April to June).

Winters: Avoid during extreme chilly winters (December to January).

Time & Day: You can shop between 10 am to 9 pm except Mondays. During weekends this market is pretty much crowded, so avoid shopping during weekends. Always check your belongings as this market is filled with pickpockets.

3. Palika Bazaar

  • Location: Inner circle, Connaught Place, Delhi.
  • Opening Hours: Daily (10 am-6 pm) 
  • Closed: Sunday.

It is an underground street market located between the inner and outer circle of Connaught Place, Delhi. This underground bazaar is fully air-conditioned and remains the country’s only underground air-conditioned market. If you have the best bargain skills then this bazaar is right for you to shop a plethora of different products. Palika Bazaar was built by New Delhi Municipal Committee (NDMC) during an emergency in 1979 that cost around INR 2 crore. The existence of this market is due to the creative idea of creating an underground air-conditioned market from Sanjay Gandhi. It has 350 shops selling different products on different price ranges, other than the shop you will also see shops selling the same items on the corridors. 

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During the 80’s it was the forex hub due to the limitation of carrying foreign currency at that time, but at that time the solution to that problem was this underground market.

Palika Bazaar has seen regular police raids due to selling of pornographic material, stolen goods, fake designer products, etc but that does not end the popularity of this Bazaar. Once you enter the market, this street market in Delhi has its own environment, you will like the aromatic essence (particularly due to agarbatti and Dhoopbatti burnt by shopkeepers for worship).

Pro-Tips: If you have time then we will suggest you, during the first 30 minutes just lookout the whole market. During these 30 minutes do not purchase anything, just scout around on different shops to see what they are selling at what price range. Once you notice the price range go for the shop that sells at the lowest price, after selecting the product directly go down to 30% of the price asked by the shopkeeper. Initially the seller will not agree to it, just pretend to leave the place you will surprise to know the last offer made by the seller.

How to Reach Palika Bazaar

As Palika bazaar is at the center of the country’s capital Delhi, you can reach there via both Delhi metro as well as via DTC bus. Exit from gate no.6 from Rajiv chowk metro, after crossing escalator on the left side you will see the entry Gate of the Palika Bazaar.

Best Time to Visit Janpath Market

Summers and Winters: You can shop in this street market at any time of the year. As this is an underground market so you need not to worry about summers or winters. During summers it is fully air-conditioned and during chilly winters it is comfortable to shop in it.

Time & Day: Palika bazaar is open between 10 a.m to 6 p.m and it is closed on Sunday.

Disclaimer: The opinion, Guides, bargain tricks in this article is the author’s own creativity. We do not support it by any means, as different people have their own way of dealing with situations. For reaching these there might be several other routes and options available but in this article it is because the content creator has its own experience. Timing days might change as the data provided is the author’s own research.