Tools to Help You Keep Track of Your Remote Employees


Remote worker monitoring comes with a lot of challenges and headaches. For this you will need to have tools to tackle the challenges and drive to be successful. Whether you permanently work from home or temporarily working from home due to the spread of pandemic of Covid-19 monitoring can take the assumptions out of distributed teamwork.

With the right employee monitoring tool or software, there are many tools that can easily keep track of your remote employee. This software enables to track and monitor the daily activities of remote worker such as how much time a worker spends on a specific task, how many tasks are completed or what all activities in a specific day, week or month. These tools help you get a better idea of what they’re up to during work hours making your work easier and flexible.

These Remote workers monitoring not only Build trust and accountability, but also free everyone to focus on work instead of wondering what’s going on. Working on these tools can make employees more accountable for their output each day. Employ yes becomes more motivated to produce results regularly. When you are hiring freelancers and contractors a good time tracking tool, can concrete proof of time spent when billing clients. When you have records of time spent on each activity, clients will be aware of exactly which remote work they’re being billed for. An employee monitoring tool reduces the time spent on time-tracking and task management as the tool does it for you.

Below are some of the employee monitoring tools that will help you keep track of your employee’s activities.

Top 7 Remote Employee Monitoring Tools


Basecamp is one of the popular project management software that you can use for remote work monitoring. It enables you to set up to-dos, a schedule, create and upload documents and files, chat with your colleagues, and check in regularly with your group. Even you can add the client to the basecamp so that they can know what all tasks have been completed.

Time Doctor

 Time Doctor to be the best tool in the market for tracking time for remote employees. It will only track your activity when you select a task and track time for it.  Time Doctor has a screen monitoring feature and reports on employee activity via screenshot captures. It lets users enter time spent on each task and calculate their billable and nonbillable working hours.


Slack brings all your communication and tools in one place. It helps remote teams to stay productive no matter where you’re working from. Slack is a collaboration hub that can replace email to help you and designed to support the way people naturally work together. You can easily connect with people online as efficiently as you do face-to-face. Slack enables the user to create channels for teams, projects, office locations, or anything else that’s relevant to your organization, and team members can easily send messages and share files in these channels


HiveDesk is also another popular project management software that helps small and medium businesses professional become more productive. It manages remote employees more effectively and helps to build a more productive remote team. This workforce management solution offers time tracking, performance reviews, task management, activity reports, features. It is an effective platform for all the employees, specifically remote workers and teams, to be highly efficient and productive.


ProofHub is one place solution for remote teams to work productively. The tool is basically designed for real estate and property management. All the necessary tools your team needs are placed under one roof. The software is easy to understand and provides you Ultimate control over teams and projects easier than ever. With the cloud-based property management and collaboration solution, ProofHub users can easily plan, collaborate, organize, and deliver projects of all sizes, on time.


Instagantt is an Online Gantt Chart Software for Project Management. It enables you to Schedule tasks, timelines, manage resources, boards, workloads, and budget for your team with the Gantt chart. It also has a Drag and Drop feature that makes adding your tasks and scheduling them on the board as simple as possible in a few seconds.  It helps you to track the amount of time each team member spends on their assigned task and measure productivity.


Teamwork is a work and project management tool that provides business functionalities to manage different operations of a project. The cloud-based project management solution helps in-house & remote teams improve collaboration, accountability, visibility, and ultimately productivity.  This tool supports different methodologies with a variety of views, templates, and customization.   It provides full visibility of tasks and highlights so that users are able to plan projects and milestones, collaborate about work with context, deliver results faster with smart apps and integration, and report accurately whether overview or details of schedules, workload, portfolio, and more.           

With the above Remote worker monitoring tool and many others, keeping track of your remote employees becomes easier. You can easily keep track of employees’ activities and the appropriate amount of time spend on tasks and keep your workforce productive.