Physical casino odds vs Online casino odds


Playing slots online isn’t a recent thing. With the 1990s internet boom, people saw many leisure pursuits transition online, and one of them was online slots. Now, in 2021, we’ve been playing slots online for over 20 years.

What’s interesting though, is that whilst we’ve grown used to the sleek, glitzy, lucrative online slots we know and love today, people do still visit physical casinos to play slots machines – click here.

Are online slot machines easier to win on?

Aside from the entertainment value that slots offer people, the truth is that most of us are in it for the money. The pay-outs are nice, and the jackpots are everyone’s dream.

There’s no real credible argument that online slot games don’t provide the chance to win far more lucrative prizes than in-house casino games. With all the money in the iGaming industry these days, the prizes and jackpots are unbelievable compared to how they were. But are they easier to beat now than before?

The old against the new

It’s pretty clear that online slots are more sophisticated in design than physical casino slots. This certainly makes them harder to cheat. Before, slots machines could be duped into pay-outs simply by coins on pieces of elastic, fake coins, or even holding magnets near the reels in order to influence the spin. Those days are long gone.

Cynics say that new online slots are designed simply to make the software companies lots of money over time, and though there’s certainly a whole chunk of truth in this, as consumers, we’re not just blindly feeding the money-beast.

This is because by law, online slot games have to use a random number generator (also referred to as RNG). Gambling websites won’t receive a licence from the UKGC (UK Gambling Commission) if the players Cricket ID don’t have a genuine and fair chance of winning. 

This computer chip ensures that each slots game online is genuinely random, and that you stand a fair chance at winning with every spin.

What about the odds?

Finally, you may be surprised to hear that you actually have better odds playing slots online. But why is this? Surely the old style physical slots machines were simpler and easier to win on?

Well, not exactly. Since slots went digital in the mid-1990s, the money in the iGaming industry has grown year on year and they now form part of a multi-billion-pound industry. It’s financially viable for online casinos to set up a site and run their games digitally, rather than operate from a fixed location with overheads, staff costs, and expensive town-centre rents. 

As a result, a consequence of all this money being recycled in the iGaming sector is that prizes and jackpots go up too. We’re seeing far more lucrative games online, and better odds at winning them too. 

Online casinos have better RTP percentages 

It’s important to know that most online slot games have an RTP percentage of between 94% and 98%. That’s far more generous than the RTP percentages you see in traditional in-house casinos Cricket ID.

Let’s compare maybe the most famous casinos in the world based in Las Vegas with online casinos Online Cricket Betting ID you can play from your bedroom in Reading. In Las Vegas, they can offer punters around the 75% mark. Online, you can find RTP percentages above 99% if you look hard enough. 

You’re better off playing online, and the online casinos know it.