Must Have Fitness Equipments for Your Home Gym


If you have descent amount of space in your home and you are a fitness freak, then it’s time to bring some basic gym fitness equipment at home. We all are busy people, we don’t get time to exercise and go to the gym. We cannot deny the fact that regular exercise has its benefits, it reduces the mortality rate.

What is Fitness?

Fitness does not mean you lift heavy weights, run marathons, spending hours in Gym. For the doctors if any person has Physical, mental, and emotionally good then it is considered to be the fitness of that person. 

Benefits of Fitness

Doing regular exercise increases bone density, stability, and flexibility. When you get old and don’t go for exercise regularly then you are highly prone to several bone diseases like arthritis, osteoporosis, back pain etc. Below are some benefits that you will get if you are physically fit and do regular exercise.

It makes you feel happy: Physical activities especially doing regular exercise work as a stress buster, which reduces depression and other mood swings.

Helps in Weight loss: Overweight is a serious issue in many developed countries, with obesity you might have several diseases like high cholesterol, bone problems, Type 2 diabetes, etc. But if you do regular exercise you burn a certain amount of calories which ultimately helps you to reduce the unwanted weight as well as you will constantly maintain it. 

What if You Don’t want to Go Gym?

There might be several reasons for not going to the gym such as you are too lazy to drive a car after work, you do not want to spend money on their fancy packages and so on..Here we are not demotivating you by first showing the benefits of doing regular exercise followed by reasons that most people find not to go for the gym, but you don’t need to worry because if you find absurd excuses for not doing exercise then why not bringing gym at your own home.

At the beginning of this article, we have pointed out that if you have a spare room or space then you can purchase several basic equipment by which you can do regular exercise at home.

Here I have classified these equipments in Two Types:

Type 1. Resistant Equipments – Those types of basic exercise equipment that creates the opposite force that makes your muscles contract and strengthen it. Here in the weight resistance exercise using equipment we use the body’s weight as resistance. These types of equipment are budget-friendly and require less space.

Type 2. Weight Equipment – Weight training is some sort similar to the resistance training but in some means it has different benefits. It works on catabolism, which means a breakdown of muscle fibers and then repairing it as stronger for the next approach. These types of equipment are less expensive than the resistance equipment and If we talk about the enclosure, then it depends entirely on what kind of machine or product you buy.

Let us list the equipment that you can keep in the comfort of your home gym for doing regular exercise.

1. Dumbbells:


The exercises you can do with dumbbells are limitless and when it comes to strength training. Dumbells are one of the most important equipment to have for your home gym. Get a set of the best dumbbells available in the market, you can purchase fixed weight dumbbells that vary in shapes and sizes or you can buy weight adjustable dumbbells. 

“In your fitness journey dumbbells must be your friend in it.”

Dumbbells are less expensive and can be easily found in the sports accessories shop. You do not need to replicate the whole gym dumbbell rack set on the home, just purchase 2-3 pairs with different weights and sizes. Look for the rubber hex dumbbell set as they last very long. They are best used for doing joint-isolation exercises like biceps curls, shoulder raise, chest flyers, etc. Exercise done with dumbbells not only strengthens your muscles but it adds muscle bulk.

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2. Resistance Bands


Resistance bands are great as they are less expensive, lightweight, and require no space to store. You can even carry them wherever you want, they come from level 1 to level 6. By level you can easily understand that level 1 can be easily stretched and the level 6 will be the hardest band to stretch. These bands are made up of high strength rubbers that can be looped around any equipment.

Doing free exercises like sit-ups, leg lifts, squats, shoulder stretches, etc you can make it more challenging by adding resistance bands in it. For lower body exercises you can use resistance bands very effectively, just hook up with the doorknob and perform back exercises. You can go for the cheap resistance band but don’t go far in cheap because in the middle of the exercise a snapped band will hurt you a lot. 

3. Pull Up Bars


Pull-ups are one of the most important compound exercises that you must include in your daily exercise routine. For doing pull-ups you need to have a good pull up bar in the home gym. While performing pull-ups there are multiple muscles that work together. Pull-ups not only strengthen your muscles but it also strengthens your nervous system. If you have a desk job and have posture problems due to long hours of sitting, then performing regular pull-ups will relieve your back-related problems.


Door and even wall mounted pull up bars are very important equipment for your home gym. These are made up of high tensile stainless steel that can support weight up to 120 kgs or more. Wall-mounted pull bars are easy to install as it requires a few nuts and bolts to be fixed at a certain height so that you can perform both pull-ups and chin-ups. Door pull up bars can be easily locked on the door whenever required.

4. Yoga Mats


These mats are not only limited to just doing yoga but it makes floor exercise more comfortable, whether you are doing abs exercise, plank, push-ups on knees, etc. Try to purchase a thick mat for more cushioning especially if you are working on a hard floor. In the morning during beautiful sunrise you can bring your comfortable mat to the park, lawn, or on the beach to perform different exercises.

To get the maximum benefits of yoga mats you need to choose the best out of it that has decent thickness and is made up of good material.

Using yoga mats have many advantages:

  • Avoid Injury: The primary benefit of using a yoga mat is to avoid injury.
  • Body Temperature: The heat of the body is transformed to the floor if you lie down on the naked floor, but using a yoga mat keeps your body warm. Which indeed is very important to keep your body temperature maintained during the floor exercise.
  • Better Grip: You sweat a lot while doing different floor exercises, which create slippery floors that increase the chance of injury. When you use yoga mats they are sweat absorbent and provide you a better grip to do exercise.

5. Treadmill


Running has several benefits, many scientists believe if we see the shape of our hips, shock absorbant disc, and length of the legs. We have evolved our body in such a position to run faster for survival. 

Running is directly associated with cardiovascular activities, as we all know our cardiovascular muscles are far more vulnerable to several diseases. For home gym treadmill is important equipment like the others, spending 30 minutes on it will improve the mood especially for those who have some sort of stress or depression due to the workload.

It helps in controlling weight, good blood circulation in the body. Running or jogging on the treadmill at home burns calories faster than the other exercises. If reducing weight is one of your main objectives then include a treadmill in your home gym.

“You don’t need to wear gym clothes, only need a pair of running shoes”

Although a treadmill is expensive and requires a large area to put on, it is important to include in your home gym. You must do 100 minutes of cardiovascular exercise including 30 minutes of running on treadmills.

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6. Push Up Bars


You can do push-ups on a regular basis starting from count 10 each day, adding  5 to 10 push-ups more the next day to harden your chest muscle and the arm area (especially triceps). Push-ups can be done on the flat surface but having push up bars gives your chest an extended range of movement plus it gives you a tight grip to perform push-ups in a proper manner.


The best way to perform push-ups using push up bars is very important if you do not want to hurt your joints. Go down on your knees, support your weight on the hands slowly and go up and down. It is important while performing push-ups your body must be in a straight line. You can perform push-ups at any surface but not all surfaces are very comfortable and lead to skin or hand injuries.

7. Jump Rope

Jumping on a rope is no longer a child’s play, if you are a fitness freak then you must be aware of the importance of rope jumps and it requires high-quality jump ropes. Like other equipment, jump rope is also important in your home gym, it is less expensive and requires no space to store. You can put jump rope in the cupboard, almirah, or any part of the home. Since we need to be very disciplined while building a home gym so we must collect and put the equipment to their respective places.

Using jump ropes you can burn high calories in very less amount of time, for the beginners it will be very hard to jump ropes which will be discouraging but always remember:

“Practice and more practice makes a person perfect”

The most important thing about rope jump is that it improves coordination. Coordination of your feet with the other part of the body. With regular rope jump the area around your feet and ankles gets strengthened which ultimately decreases the foot and ankle injuries.

8. Kettlebell


Kettlebells are less expensive and can be used for a workout in the comfortable environment of the home gym. Not to mention that the use of kettlebells is increasing day by day in actual gyms as well as in the home gym. Most of the people in the world take resolution every year to be fit and back in shape.

The history of using kettlebells as a piece of gym equipment is way back in the 17th century of Russia. kettlebells work as weight training equipment in the gyms as well as in the home gym. If you have no idea about the weight of kettlebells to buy then we suggest 2.5 to 10 Kg for women and 10 to 25 kg for men. Take kettlebells in backyard fresh air and include it in your exercise.

9. Exercise Ball


Exercise balls can be commonly seen in gyms, why not with the help of it one can perform several exercises. By doing abs workout on the stability ball will increase its strength as well as its performing activity.

Exercise balls come in different diameter, below is the guide for purchasing stability ball according to their height:

  • For people having a height between 5 feet 5 inches, a 55-centimeter ball is recommended.
  • For people having a height between 5 feet 6 inches to 5 feet 11 inches, a 65-centimeter ball is recommended.
  • For people having a height between 6 feet to 6 feet 3 inches, a 75-centimeter ball is recommended.

10. Exercise Bikes


If you are looking to invest some amount in a home gym, then without any doubt spend some bucks on indoor exercise bikes. Cycling is one of the best ways to increase cardiovascular activities and burn calories in a very short period. Cycling on the indoor exercise bikes at home will lead you towards achieving goals quickly and efficiently.

Wrapping up: Spend smartly on your home gym.