Most Advanced And Expensive Hotel Suites

Advanced Expensive Hotel Suites

Imagine staying in a hotel suite that does everything, so you never have to go out. Sounds amazing, right? Well, many hotels provide such suites that are self-sufficient. Check out Most Advanced And Expensive Hotel Suites.

However, they are too expensive. So, you can put them under ‘places to travel if you win the lottery.’ Below are some of the most advanced and expensive hotel suites that’d surely visit your dreams often. 

The Royal Penthouse Suite, Hotel President Wilson, Geneva, Switzerland

The most expensive suite on this list, the Royal Penthouse Suite, is on the 8th floor of the President Wilson Hotel. It is not only located on the 8th floor — the suite is the 8th floor. 

The suite consists of everything you can ever need. From a living room with a grand piano to a rare book collection, the suite has it all. The suite also offers a bathroom that features Hermès toiletries and a Jacuzzi with a view of Lake Geneva. Along with the luxuries, the suite also keeps your security in mind. Thus, it has bulletproof windows and a panic button.

Suite 5000, Mandarin Oriental New York

You won’t find Suite 5000 on the Mandarin Oriental’s website, and that alone says a lot about the suite. It has been built for the VIPs only and is reserved for the same. The suite is 3,300 square foot which costs about $36,000.

The hotel itself is pretty expensive and known for its luxuries. However, Suite 5000, located on the 50th floor, is different from the rest of its suites. It has a living room with three bedrooms and a dining area with a Swarovski wall installation. If you think that is a lot, this suite also has a library of music and movies specially curated by Academy Records. Sounds like something out of the movies, isn’t it?

The Hilltop Villa, Laucala Island, Fiji

A private island sounds cool, right? The Hilltop Villa is situated on a private island. To say that it’s just a suite won’t be enough since it comes with a private nanny, cook and chauffeur. You can enjoy the island’s beautiful gardens and pools all by yourself with no interruptions from the outside world.

In addition to that, the main suite also comes with two guest suites. The residence is truly the best nature’s retreat you can get. You can easily stay there with a group of people.

The Princess Grace Suite, Hotel de Paris Monte-Carlo, Monaco

The Princess Grace Suite doesn’t limit itself to a floor; it goes over to two entire floors. Thus, it truly justifies its name. The inbuilt luxury and the outside view of the sea is breathtaking. 

From a sauna to a terrace, this suite has it all. There are two bedrooms and many other rooms that will eliminate the need for you to step out of the suite. 

The Penthouse Suite, Hôtel Martinez, Cannes, France

You must have seen the beautiful Cannes festival. Seeing all those celebrities is such an amazing sight. Have you ever wondered where these celebrities stay during the festivals? It is the Penthouse Suite. 

The suite offers a lookout onto the Bay of Cannes, which is owned by the hotel, and the Boulevard de la Croisette. The overall architecture, along with its wooden finish, will give you an experience of royalty and a life just like celebrities. 

The Grand Riad, The Royal Mansour, Marrakech, Morocco

The Royal Mansour offers its guests 53 individual three-story riads. The largest of them all is the Grand Riad. The ornate decors and several facilities provided by the suite are a grand delight. 

The suite has a home cinema and a personal gym and bar. If that is not enough, it even has a spa room you can enjoy all to yourself. The suite faces the captivating view of the city. Once in, you’d surely not want to come out of the suite.