Manufacturers of Online Hemp-Derived Goods: Is It Legal to Buy Products Online?


Everybody associates marijuana and hemp products only with illegal businesses. People took marijuana-based drugs and got addicted. That is why the government included all related products in the banned list. On the one hand, it got harder to get addictive substances. On the other hand, people used hemp and marijuana as strong painkillers and relaxants. So, pharmaceutical companies decided to find another way out of the situation. 

CBD products help legally due to the safe dosage. Many states permitted the use of hemp-based products thanks to their healing features. Today, one can buy hemp edibles in thirty-two American states without breaking the law. People usually search the products online where the best brands sell their goods. They can do that on the website or entrust this business to partners and official distributors. 

When the Product Becomes Illegal

The primary demand for all CBD products is the percentage of the addictive component. A chewing jelly should not contain more than 0.3% of Delta 9 THC dry weight. As a rule, one can buy gummies with 5 to 10 mg of this ingredient. In the case of Δ8 and Δ10, one edible item can contain from 10 to 30 mg. A daily dose depends on a person’s needs and the selected product. One should keep in mind that Δ10 is the weakest cannabinoid. Then comes Δ8, and the most potent extraction is Δ9.

The product becomes illegal in the following cases:

  • the product does not have a license;
  • Δ9 percentage is 0.4% or higher;
  • the chewable was tested neither by a company nor by third-party laboratories;
  • they are sold in states and countries that do not allow cannabis intake;
  • the company buys extractions from doubtful organizations;
  • edibles are marketed to children;
  • manufacturers mark it as “medicine” instead of “a superfood”.

So, to buy a safe and legal product, one should read the list of ingredients on the label and information about a brand. 

What Product Is Safe for Human Health?

The safest products are made of hemp. People grow marijuana in enclosed areas and an artificial environment. They often use pesticides and chemicals, except for non-natural illumination. Hemp usually grows in a natural environment. The problem is that these plants absorb everything quickly and keep both beneficial and harmful substances. That is why it is safer to buy hemp products. One should pay attention to its source to make sure that it was cultivated naturally and legally.

Another thing to regard is additives. Companies make edibles either from natural or chemically synthesized components, including colorants and taste enhancers.

One more detail to consider is safe dosing and individual reaction to hemp derivatives. First, edibles must have less than 0.3% of Δ9. Second, one should not exceed dosage to avoid overdose and possible adverse effects such as dry mouth, body numbness, hallucinations, etc. Finally, if people consume gummies smartly, they can improve their health and cope with pain, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, and suppressed appetite.