Live Stream Wedding: Everything One Needs To Know


Lessons from the pandemic phase

The recent pandemic taught a few important lessons. The most important one amongst that will be the importance of the ability to connect with families. Distance and time are no longer an excuse as the world is moving into a digital sphere where even remote places are connected through the internet and checking each other via video calls are possible. 

Social distancing also made people realize the importance of living in the moment and not postponing their decision to marry their partner for next year or after that big promotion. But what is a marriage that cannot be attended by parents, siblings, and best friends? Well, where there is a will there is always a way. 

During this period, people leveraged technology to achieve most milestones in their lives. From telehealth and online education to remote work, everyone is connected virtually. Then what is stopping people from marrying one another is a simple ceremony while the guests watch their wedding live stream and feel happy for them? Nothing. 

So, here is the acceptance of a norm that will now include those relatives who are not able to attend the wedding for any reason but would like to dress up in their finery and sit in front of the camera to participate in their favorite grandkids’ wedding. This world is full of possibilities, we should just look at the right angle. And live streaming one’s wedding is one of them. 

Here are a few dos and don’t one has to consider when live streaming their wedding:

  • Decide on the mode
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Whether you want to hire a professional, ask friends to pitch in from various angles to get the full coverage or ask the front-row guest to hold their phone up at the right angle, there has to be little planning involved.

While hiring a professional videographer is recommended as they bring their equipment and lights, take enough footage to edit, and give it the perfect crisp look, even home videos can be made well. 

If considering a DIY operation, it is not possible to shoot yourself when you are getting married. Let a friend or family member attending the wedding take the video of at least the main ceremonies to be streamed live to be seen by those guests who cannot attend. 

  • Choose the platform

These days live streaming is very easy through social media platforms. Whether you want the live stream to be showcased on Facebook, Instagram or youtube should depend on the comfort of the majority of guests who can only watch your live stream. If they don’t have a Facebook or Instagram account, it is advisable to stream on youtube. 

  • Check the connection

The worst thing that can go wrong when live streaming an event is patchy internet that wobbles around and spoils the experience with poor picture and sound quality for the viewers. 

To help everyone enjoy your wedding including those close relatives who are not able to travel up to the venue, go an extra step and check the internet connection of the venue. See if the speed and service can match up to deliver a high-quality video through the ceremony and festivities of your wedding. 

  • Check with the planner or venue
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Talk to your wedding planner about the feasibility of a live stream. There is a possibility that they have the equipment in place as it turns out that most venues and churches have digitized and upped their gadget prowess to meet the rising demands of the wedding industry. 

  • Plan and buy a few ad-devices 

A tripod stand, a gimbal stick, or extra lights can help give even the DIY approach a professional feel. You can entrust a friend and ask them to go through a few videos that help you understand the camera angles for those perfect shots that can both be streamed and remain in archives as memories forever. If they can set up their equipment in a manner that is not obtrusive to the guests yet gives a clear angle to the ceremony, then your online viewers are likely to enjoy the live experience of your wedding


A picture is worth a thousand words and memories around that picture are priceless. As a couple grows old, those pictures bring warmth back into their lives reflecting on a life well spent.