How You Can Plan and Prepare a Minimalist Wedding Day

Plan a Minimalist Wedding

There’s the same old excuse people make for overspending on weddings. It’s the most important day of your life, so why not splurge on the one occasion that celebrates a new chapter in your relationship? That’s the first mistake couples make for their wedding, preparing an unjustifiable budget that will be all consumed during one particularly overly public event where they officially become husband and wife. The second mistake couples make is underestimating how much things cost for a wedding. Around 60% of couples with already planned budgets tend to underestimate the actual cost. Let’s see how to plan and prepare a minimalist wedding day.

It’s no surprise that minimalist weddings became a popular trend before COVID-19 hit the recession. A steady rise in the number of minimalist wedding gowns in 2021 is expected as the importance of being close to loved ones became more prominent during the pandemic. Couples are starting to become more conscious of the costs of weddings, especially when people all over the country lost their jobs or came close to losing their jobs. The average spending on a wedding dropped last year as a result. 

Considering a minimalist wedding can be a financially viable and trendy way to celebrate your day. Minimalist trends have become congruent with elegance, as shockingly plain wedding cakes or unembellished wedding gowns provide a righteous glare down at pomposity. There is a certain timeless grace embodied by the simplicity that minimalism brings to a wedding. Where the era can usually be identified by the hairstyle, the fashion, or the craft in the wedding cake, minimalism turns the volume down. It allows you and everyone seeing the pictures to focus on who was present and the fantastical romance that happened that day. Here is table covers wholesale.

When trends take center stage, folks can usually take advantage of what would have been an otherwise cheap service. A cake without decorations, a gown with minimal embroidery, and simple, elegant invitations can end up costing you a premium. Not to mention, traditional wedding rings and venues can cost a lot. Here are some ways you can cut your spending and still have a minimalist wedding: 

1) DIY Minimalist Wedding Cake

It won’t take much — a couple of normal cakes bought at your grocery store can really make a difference in your budget. But this is only advisable if you’ve got a turntable for your cake and if you’ve watched enough video tutorials on how to make it happen (there are plenty on YouTube). Minimalist wedding cakes tend to have little designs on them, and it will ultimately depend on you, as the bride, to decide on what you’d like to become the highlight of the cake. 

2) A Vintage-turned-wedding Dress

A minimalist wedding dress does not have to be expensive. You can go to a shop that sells vintage clothes and find a simple Sunday dress. All that matters is how you wear it. Long trains are out (read to find out why do wedding dresses have long trains); draped and elegant silhouettes are in.
If you can’t find anything you like in the thrift shop, you can always check out stores that let you rent their gowns for a week. 

3) DIY Invitations

When the guest list is small, crafting your own invitations can make them feel extra special. Sure, you’ll have to put in the extra effort in them, but an advantage is that they’ll be personalized. What’s more is that having a minimalist theme can mean that you can keep the design plain, simple, and easy to recreate. Beyond the invitation, the important thing for you is to have your guest there. And they’re definitely going to make the trip for your special occasion no matter what.

4) Non-traditional Wedding Rings

Aside from traditional wedding rings being a safety hazard, they also tend to be more expensive. Non-traditional wedding ring alternatives are becoming more prominent with millennials as a practical purchase without buying into the antiquated norms of buying overpriced diamond rings.

For example, silicone wedding bands are a safer and modern alternative to wedding rings. They’re durable, and they won’t hurt your finger because they’re comfortable enough to keep on, no matter what activity you’re planning to do. 

5) Unique and Quaint Venues

A grand venue doesn’t really fit into the whole minimalist trend. Instead of having it in a large cathedral (if you’re opting for a church wedding), try booking an adoration chapel instead. If you’re planning an outdoor wedding, try the park, your backyard, the beach, or somewhere else romantic where you watched the sunset together. The venue doesn’t have to be outrageously expensive for it to be a gorgeous wedding. Wherever you get married, it will still be the wedding you reminisce about. 

Even though minimalist weddings are a trend, they are here to stay. As younger couples plan for their future, and expensive and traditional wedding just won’t fit the bill.