The Art Of Frame Control by Josh King Madrid

The Art Of Frame Control by Josh King Madrid
The Art Of Frame Control by Josh King Madrid

If you’re looking to gain a greater level of control over your psychology, from your internal self to your external results, then Frame Control is just what you need. The collective congruency between your internal self and your external results is what I call Frame Control.

When this energy field is overwhelmed by influence, it gets absorbed and our minds become incredibly suggestible. If this energy field gets overwhelmed by manipulation, it collapses and our mental defenses fail.

When that happens we become subject to another person’s ideas, desires and commands, and then that person can impose his will on us.

Learn how to take advantage of this well-kept psychological secret by mastering The Art of Frame Control with The JetSet Guide To Frame Control. Learn how to build the frames around yourself so as to create social authority and get others in your life to experience frame control by Josh King Madrid!

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with your workload, you might be telling yourself “it’s just a job,” but it doesn’t have to be. For example, when washing dishes in the sink, try speaking to yourself as if you were cleaning up your kitchen for the next family visit or meal prep for the week ahead. This can help change your perspective and enhance your mental health.

“Believe that your intuition will give you the answers when you ask yourself questions. Give your question to your intuition rather than trying to think it through or analyze it.”

Josh King Madrid, JETSET LIFE HACKS: 33 Life Hacks Millionaires, Athletes, Celebrities, and Geniuses Have in Common

“Reframe obstacles into challenges and the stress will dissolve completely. All that matters is whether you achieved your goal, so try to see it as a win and focus on the good things. When we change our frame, we change what we’re thinking about and focusing on.”

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The key to your success has four components: mindset, management, and marketing. What successful business leaders, corporate leaders, and politicians already know is that the success of your endeavor stems from a specific mindset is that the success of your venture comes from framing it in the right way.

Frame Control is all about being aware of your surroundings and knowing how to choose when you are in a position of power. Looking inward and noticing what influences you are necessary in order to gain control and exert your will. Learn how to take advantage of this closely-guarded psychological secret rather than letting yourself be influenced or manipulated by those with mastery already.

Get a firm grasp on how NLP works in order to gain the upper hand in any social situation. The nature of reality is inherently ambiguous, and your interpretation will affect the way other people perceive that reality. Whoever is more confident will be able to sway other people’s opinions.