Step-by-step guide on how to make a bed in Minecraft

how to make a bed in Minecraft

Bed is one of the most essential items in Minecraft Gameplay, it’s not limited to sleep and rest but has many other uses for the player. You respawn while sleeping in bed. There are many cool features that you should know. So dive in to know more.

Customize The Overworld

The Overworld is the main dimension from which all players step into the Sandbox gameplay : Minecraft. In this dimension, you are free to customize your environment and objects such as : Caves, Sea, Villages, Strongholds, Minesharts, Oceans, Monuments, Temples, Dungeons, Ravines, Water Lakes, Lava Lakes, Biome, Bed, Hammer, Sword, Box, Planks, Axe, Bow & Arrow, Pokeball, Apple, TV Remote, Bedsheet, Shearing tool and much more. It depends on your creative skills to make new items in Minecraft.

Craft your bed in Minecraft

Here’s an easy guide on how to make a bed in minecraft, follow all steps to craft a perfect bed in your minecraft world.

  1. Planks as base : You have to put wooden planks as the base of your bed. Click on the Crafting Table or Workbench. Choose a 3 by 3 dimension table and take three wooden planks from there. You can collect planks by cutting or destroying the trees.
  2. Wool from sheep : You can either kill or shear the wool from the body of Sheep to make your bed mattress, bed sheet and blanket. Craft two iron ingots to make a shear or cutter. Take three pieces of wool and place them above the planks in the crafting table.
  3. Dye your bed sheet : The bed mattress, bedsheet and pillow all can be customized according to color and design. Either you can dye the sheep wool or dye the bed sheet afterwards. On bedrock, you can re-dye your bed sheet.
  4. Command to sleep on bed : Enter the console command : /gamerule playersSleepingPercentage <value> (You can default the value from 1 to 100).
  5. Collect colourful beds : You can find a pre-made bed in different colours according to its village location. Red bed in Igloo, Green, Cyan & Lime bed in Desert, White & Yellow beds in Plains, Orange, Red & Yellow beds in Savanna, Blue & Purple beds in Taiga and Blue, Red & White beds in Snowy Tundra.

how to make a bed in Minecraft

Minecraft Bed Mechanics (More than just sleeping)

After knowing how to make a bed in minecraft, There are other uses of your bed just sleeping or resting on it. It is not good to sleep for a long time in a Minecraft world where mobs spawn to kill you. In this game, there are numerous bed mechanics of bed as mentioned below :

  • Minecraft bed acts as an explosive near Nether or End dimension, you can utilise it to attack on mobs.
  • When you sleep in the bed, a thunderstorm and night passes in minutes.
  • Bed sets your respawn time, so that you return to the bed when you die.
  • You can turn Zombie villagers into normal villagers by placing it near the Zombie village.
  • Villagers can breed on your bed.
  • Minecraft beds have the same bouncy effect like real ones, when you jump on it, you bounce.
  • If you place a box or anything near your bed, it starts to float. Utilise this feature to levitate and save yourself from mobs.
  • Falling from a high place on your bouncy bed is the best way to save your life.
  • Teleport to the sky dimension by sleeping on your bed.
  • You can kill Ender Dragon with the explosive feature of bed.
  • Due to the slippery effect of beds, you can ice skate on them.

Cool Hacks to make your Minecraft gameplay interesting

After knowing how to make a bed in minecraft, you should use some cool hacks to make your Minecraft gameplay interesting as you can’t just play in the same pattern, it will get boring after sometime. Once you update the game, you uncover new features and new hacks too.

how to make a bed in Minecraft

  • Build your home at Mushroom Biome, the only place where mobs won’t spawn.
  • Collect Lava buckets to make more long lasting fuel.
  • You will find Diamond specifically at Y-levels 15 through -63. Do not waste time mining anywhere.
  • You can use Torch to find sand and gravel blocks.
  • Set up your door one block higher when you build your house to prevent Zombie attacks.
  • Save yourself from the attack of Endermen by wearing a pumpkin head while you still attack them.
  • Summon golems to bodyguard you : Make a T with iron blocks and pumpkin block on top to summon Iron Golem and make another T with snow blocks with pumpkin block on top to summon Snow Golem.
  • Take Torches when you dive underwater, it helps you breathe there.
  • Mine the ground and put two buckets full of water to gain an infinite source of water.

You know perfectly how to make a bed in minecraft. Get ready to craft your own customized bed in the Minecraft world and save yourself from mobs who spawn at night.