How to Please Your Man in Bed

please your man
Happy man and woman lying in bed with smile

Men are always expected to be on their “A-Game” when exploring parts of a woman’s body and pleasuring her. However, the same advice needs to be provided to women because a man is more than a walking penis.

There are ways to spice up your relationship and rejuvenate your love for each other. Here are tips on how to please your man in bed to keep him begging for more.

How to Please Your Man in Bed by Initiating

Men do not always have to be the first to initiate sex. If you want to please your man during sex, why not start the activity instead of waiting for him to ask first. The best way to do this is by stripping down and walking into the room naked.

Or you can let him walk in on you while masturbating. Alternatively, tell him that you want to have sex when you both get home from work. A promise for naughty times is as much of a turn-on as sex itself. Your man would love to relax knowing you want to take the lead, and he can focus on enjoying the thrill.

Participate Actively During Sex

Connecting with a partner is impossible if they are silent and still. Active participation during sex is crucial to get each other in the mood. You should practice moaning and heavy breathing.

Switching positions and getting on top is another great tactic, or you can make things exciting by scratching him, wrapping your legs around, and pulling the sheets.

These are simple moves that speak volumes to express how much a person is enjoying sex, and men get turned on seeing the sexual effect they have on you.

Unless there is no chance of a meaningful connection, pull your man closer and show him how much you need him because these are signs of enthusiasm, which is key to being incredible in bed.

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The treatment is virtually painless where you may feel a vibration or tingle for a few minutes, but it treats vaginal dryness, itch and irritability, discomfort, pain, and other symptoms preventing you from making love like 50 Shades of Gray.

Talk Dirty and Flirt With Each Other

Most men love when their partner talks dirty to them. These conversations do not have to be too sexual. You can also drop subtle and kinky sentences to create a secret language between the two of you.

This will build sexual tension and keep your man thinking about you all day if you tease him enough. Whisper something naughty in your man’s ear during sex and tell him all the intimate things you want to do together to keep your relationship fun and exciting.

Fulfill Your Man’s Fantasies Today

To learn how to please your man in bed, you will need to communicate a lot. Start flirting with him more often, touch different parts of his body, and share the most intimate details together.

Your man wants to know that you like sex as much as he does. Make him feel motivated by taking the lead, and surprise him with your inner prowess. If you enjoyed reading these tips to improve your sex life, check out our other posts for more information.