Hang Ten! A Quick Guide to the Perfect Gifts for Surfers


Did you know that there are about 30 million surfers in the world? Chances are high; you know at least one person who loves the sport.

Giving the perfect gift is a matter of playing to someone’s interests and hobbies. Therefore, getting gifts for surfers is about finding a surfing-related present that is useful, fun, or both.

However, if you’re not a surfer or struggling to find inspiration, finding surfer gifts can be difficult. If you’re looking for fun gift ideas, look no further! Read on for our guide on what to give a surfer!

1. Surf Pack

Surfing involves a lot of gear. There’s a lot to carry between booties, dry clothes, a wetsuit, snacks, and more.

Consider finding a water-resistant surf pack that will make your surfer friend’s hikes to the waterfront easier.

2. Surfing Movies

When surfers aren’t on the water, they’re thinking about surfing. One of the best gift ideas for surfers is an inspiring story!

Give them a selection of surfing movies that they can watch on their days off. You can even spice it up by making it a movie kit. Put in a few movies, some popcorn, and snacks, and wrap it all up in a gift basket!

3. Beach Gear

Surfing is equal time on the water and time on the beach. Consider giving your surfer friend some beach apparel like board shorts for their time in the sun.

If you don’t know their clothing size, you can get a beach towel or a blanket for waterside relaxation.

4. Board Wax

Wax is an essential part of the surfer’s pack, and it makes for a great gift. If you know your friend’s favorite brand, you can stock up for them. If not, try a few brands that are highly rated!

5. Surfboard Bag

One of the best surfer gifts is a surfboard bag. Available in a variety of patterns and colors, you can find one that matches your friend’s style while fitting their board so they can carry it to the beach in style.

6. Changing Mat

After a day in the waves, changing out of your wetsuit is the next step. Most surfers use a changing mat to stand on and a changing poncho to cover themselves.

These also make a great gift for a surfing lover!

7. Contact Cement

Not all surfers use contact cement, but it’s incredibly useful. Wetsuits are expensive and can tear pretty easily. A damaged wetsuit can put a damper on a surf vacation in addition to being pricy.

Rather than replacing a wetsuit or having to send the suit in for a warranty, surfers can use contact cement to repair suit damage overnight.

Start Buying the Perfect Gifts for Surfers

Hopefully, with our gift guide for surfers, you can start giving perfect presents. Make the next holiday or birthday special with a great present that shows how well you know them!

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