Handball is open to everyone. What is special about this sport?


The name “handball” comes from two English words: hand and ball. This is a bright and dynamic game that harmoniously develops the physical data of the child. And since 1936, handball has been an Olympic sport. Relatively recently, handball betting has appeared, but has already gained worldwide popularity.

Handball is a great way to spend your leisure time with friends in a fun and healthy way. By the way, you can do it not only in a specialized gym, but also, for example, on the beach in summer. Useful advice for those who dream of doing this sport is given by the player of the Russian national team and the champion of the country in the Chekhov Bears, Yuri Egorov.

Of course, handball lessons are very useful. Therefore, in physical education lessons, it is imperative to teach schoolchildren the basics of the game. Moreover, it strengthens the cardiovascular system and develops coordination of movements. Both speed, reaction, and strength are improved at the same time. It is important that all muscle groups receive the load – the back, upper shoulder girdle and legs. Therefore, handball players are very well built. Not all sports can boast of this. In general, in terms of usefulness, handball can be safely put in the first place.

Role is very important

If you have firmly decided to engage in handball, then first of all decide on the role. A lot depends on your height and physical fitness. If we are talking about a child, then you can determine by the size of the shoes, as well as by the palms, how tall he will be.

The “extreme” players are usually short by handball standards – about 180 cm. But the line players, due to the fact that they get the most cones, should be tall, dense and strong. In our team, for example, all linemen are over 2 meters tall and weigh more than 100 kg. Well, the back line players must be tall and have a strong shot. It is important for the point guard to be nimble and quick.

Contraindications for playing handball

When sending a child to a sports handball school, parents should understand that handball is a traumatic sport. In handball, broken fingers, sprains and ruptures of ligaments, and concussions are not uncommon.

If your child has poor eyesight and wears glasses, poor joint mobility, or diseases of the musculoskeletal system, it is better to give up this sport and choose a more suitable one together with the pediatrician.

When to start?

Both girls and boys play handball. They usually take children over 7 years old, optimally – at the age of 9-12 years. At this age, the guys already know how to run fast and have good ball control.

What do you need for training?

As in any sport, you need sneakers to practice handball. In handball, special sneakers. They are slightly rigid, tightly fitting the leg. The outsole of these shoes is quite firm and low.

A special handball uniform is required only for competitions. So, the training process takes place in the usual sports form. Handballs can be different. Children play with rubber balls, teenagers play with adult-sized leather balls.

In handball, a special ointment with a peculiar composition is used – “Velcro”. This ointment allows you to better hold the handball. With it, he will not slip out of his hands, and the throw will be stronger. However, only very adult guys use the Velcro, professionals are five minutes away, otherwise, the children will not be able to put the correct throwing technique.