How Gaming has Changed in the Digital Age


Playing was never “out” at any time, not even for adults. As early as the Stone Age, our ancestors made game figures out of their favorite material, stone. In Roman antiquity, people were enthusiastic about gladiator fights, which was also a kind of game, unfortunately a rather bloody one. People made wheels of fortune out of old wheels from their chariots and of course there were already dice that rolled regularly at the end of the day. 

Those days are long gone, but neither the dice nor the games have left us. In the meantime, many new game ideas emerged around the globe, most of which have survived, at least in rudimentary form, to this day. But the biggest games revolution came with digitalisation: from then on, everything became different – and yet somehow remained the same. 

Table of contents

  • Sport as an analogue and digital game
  • Real money games have also changed
  • From board games to authentic adventures
  • A matter of debate

Sport as an analogue and digital game

Sport is mostly play because it is often about competition and winning. That is why, in the broadest sense, even football counts as gaming, as do handball, swimming and equestrian tournaments. For centuries, all this was “only” available in analogue form, but now sports enthusiasts can also enjoy it on the screen. Already with the famous oldie, the 80s gaming computer C64, people enjoyed themselves with sporting events like Summer Games , California Games and Winter Games. They competed in tree-trunk throwing, skating and numerous Olympic disciplines. The pixelated graphics hardly bothered them, what mattered was the fun!

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However, screen sports do not promote physical fitness the way real sports do in the hall or on the sports field. And competition has also changed: Gamers often compete against computers and not against other people.  Artificial intelligence could already be adjusted back in the 20th century: Would you rather have light, medium or heavy opponents? In real life, there is hardly any possibility to choose.

Real money Entertainment has also changed

Not only sports games, but also real-money games have changed. In the old days, they used to take place somewhere in dark back rooms, because the club of the law was always hovering over the participants. Today, friends of classic games simply click on the comparison site to see all the top mobile casinos of South Africa at one glance. They take a quick look at the individual features and then choose the gaming provider that seems particularly enticing to them. In the next moment, they are on their preferred casino platform and get started straight away. 

Of course, good old local casinos with their luxurious décor, dress codes and elegant bars still exist as an alternative. That’s the good thing about the digital age: we can move back and forth between the worlds and always pick up exactly what we like. If we want live entertainment and personal contacts, we are drawn to the real casino world. Cozy at home in the living room, we choose the virtual approach that gives us the freedom to hang around, chow down on chips and forget all our manners. If the internet speed is fast enough

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From board games to authentic adventures

Is there anyone who still remembers the convivial board game evenings of the old days? Some people still keep this old tradition alive, but many have turned away from it. Today, most prefer to plunge into an authentic digital adventure, with stunning graphics and perfect sounds. This is no longer only available on the PC, but also on the console and even on the smartphone. 

Open world scenarios entice us to dive deep into them, hunt enemies, collect resources, operate magic. We sometimes even become the creators of these worlds, for example in Minecraft, where everyone can bring their own realm into being. All this was hardly conceivable in the last century and now it has become real. Nevertheless, hardly anyone disappears into virtual reality. Reality continues to have its own appeal, so most people succeed in keeping the balance between fiction and reality.

A matter of debate

Play has become much more digital, and thus more versatile and accessible at all times. Everyone who owns a smartphone carries numerous games in their pocket. We have not become more playful as a result, but we play significantly more. Whether this is good or bad is a matter of debate.