Everything You Need to Know About Scott Patterson Wife, Kristine Saryan

kristine saryan who is a scott patterson wife
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A famous face from Gilmore Girls who got praised for her outstanding performance as Chrissy, Kirstine Saryan. She is quite famous for her performance in other works, such as Qualified and Kidnapped.

However, she is still remembered as a famous doll of Gilmore Girls because of her dialogue delivery, her expressions, her quick reaction in different situational scenes, the humor behind her words, and her body language during the act was so good. That is also one of the reasons why fans call her a famous doll.

During her acting career, she was on the list and counted as one of the best actresses in the USA. Kirstine was so happy because people loved her acting and asked if she was interested in anyone. According to the report, before becoming Scott Patterson wife, she was not interested in anyone. The only one she was interested in was Scott. Her love, married, and parenting life began with her husband.

Has Kristine Saryan Have Any Relationship With Scott Patterson?

Yes, Kristine Saryan is currently scott patterson wife, who is popular as a lead actress from Gilmore Girls. She met Scott Patterson on the set of Gilmore Girls, where they worked as a main cast in 2000. After that, Kristine started to date Scott Patterson when she was just 21 years old. Generally, they continued their relationship for the next 14 years until they became a husband and wife. 

They decided to marry in 2001, but because of certain circumstances, they married in 2014. After their marriage, Kristine Saryan and Scott Patterson have a son named Nicholas Patterson. Before the birth of Nicholas, Kristine was 35 years old, and Scott was 56 years old; the number difference is big. But still, they found their path and became one of the happiest couples in the world.

What Net Worth Does Kristine Saryan Have?

Scott Patterson and Kristine Saryan have their own business but made their net worth mainly through acting careers. She earned around $3 million to date, which is majorly made from her roles in tv series and movies. But also earned around $1 million through her business.

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It proves how good she was as an actress even though she did not get that many offers in acting. But still, Saryan is famous for her role in Gilmore Girls.

Apart from her wealth, Scott Patterson earned around $15 million, also made through his acting. He also shares around $1 million with his wife, Kristine Saryan, from net worth.

Who is Gilmore Girls Fame Star Kristine Saryan?

In 1984, Kristine Saryan was born in California. She is an American actress who has spent over twenty years in the movie industry. Saryan is known for her outstanding performance in “The Secret Life of the American Teenager.” This tv show was quite popular among different age groups, even though it is made for teens.

After working for a few commercials, she auditioned for a tv show in 1998. During that time, Scott met her and eventually fell in love with her. He started to go on dates with her until 2001. In 2002, they married but not officially.

Before their marriage, Kristine Saryan and Scott Patterson took 3 years to make a decision to marry. Because they secretly married in Hawaii, Kristine and Scott decided to celebrate their wedding anniversary in Hawaii.

Generally, Kristine finds Hawaii a memorable place for her and wants to celebrate every wedding anniversary there. Even though it does not look like it, their married life had many obstacles. That made it difficult for her and Scott to live a peaceful life.

Is Kristine the First Wife of Scott Patterson?

No, Kristen Saryan is not Scott Patterson’s first wife. She is his second wife, whom he married in 2004. The first Scott Patterson wife was Vera Davish, his classmate and girlfriend in high school. After graduation, they became a famous high school couple and decided to get married in 1983.

Vera Davish and Scott Patterson lived happy and peaceful lives until they decided to go on different paths. They got a divorce after a couple of years of their marriage. 

How Old Scott Patterson Wife Is?

Kristine Saryan will turn 39 in 2023, and in 2022, she was 38 years old when she celebrated her birthday. Even though Kristine is aging so fast, she still looks like a 21-year-old girl. When she started her career as an actress, she was 18 years old, but she got her first break when she was 21.

One of the amazing facts is that Kristine met Scott when she was 21 years old on the set of Gilmore Girls. Then, they started hanging out and dating until 2014, when she was 30. In 2014, Kristine married Scott and became his wife.

Her age had always been criticized because Scott is 25 years older than Kristine Saryan. It is a big difference in age; she is now 39, and he is 64. The number gap is big, but they managed to face these criticisms. 

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People were not ready to accept their relationship at first because she was 18 and Scott was 43 when they met on a commercial tv audition. But with time, people started to like them together, especially when they worked on Gilmore Girls. 

Scott admitted that everyone was against their relationship, and no one accepted that they were in love. Kristine was well aware of the situation, so she and Scott decided to date until society accepted them.

Did Kristine Saryan Perform Well in Her Acting Career?

As a female actor, Scott Patterson wife Kristine Saryan, started her career as a small-screen actress and played a lead role in Gilmore Girls. This tv show ran for around 7 years and became one of the most popular series.

All thanks to Gilmore Girls, Saryan became one of the most popular TV serial actresses. She made Chrissy one of the most memorable fictional characters. It was a sad moment for viewers; Gilmore Girls was shut down in 2007 and announced no news regarding the second season. But Kristine returned as a 38 years old woman in Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life, which was a second season. The second season was released in 2016 as a mini-series and Kristine was part of the main cast of the second episode. Apart from that, she was also part of a movie, Kidnapped, a suspense thriller.

How Did Kristine Get Her First Break in “Gilmore Girls”?

We all know that Kristine Saryan was the brightening star of the tv show “Gilmore Girls” and she made it one of the most popular shows in the history of television. But how did she get selected for Gilmore Girls? After giving auditions for the show, she was selected to play “Chrissy.” Chrissy is generally a choreographer of Miss Patty, who wants to participate in the high school dance competition. Miss Patty asked her to assist her, and Chrissy gladly accepted it.

Gilmore Girls has four seasons, with one mini-series in which Kristine was part of the lead cast in the fourth season and an outcast in a mini-series where we see her as an interview subject.

kristine saryan with scott patterson and the show director
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Her husband, Scott Patterson revealed the truth behind the acceptance of Kristine as Chrissy on Facebook. He told about how the show director, Amy Sherman-Palladino, met with Kristine, “had met Kristine several times at industry and show functions, got to know her, and thought she would be perfect for the role.”

Scott added another line, “She auditioned and won the role.” “My wife is a gifted actress […] She is a far better actor than I, and that just goes to show how tough a business this is.”

So, this is how she got selected for the role of Chrissy and how she made it one of the most remarkable characters in the history of television shows

Is Kristine Saryan Still a Part of the Film Industry?

Yes, Kristine Saryan is still a part of the film industry. Kristine is not working on any project right now, but she has over 20 years of experience. So maybe someday she plans to come back on the big screen and give us another memorable fictional character.

Currently, she is focusing more on her personal life rather than her professional life. She wants to give more time to herself and take a break from all her professional work. This is one of the reasons why she did not try to come back on the big screen.

Kristen spends more time with Scott and Nicholas and is busy with household activities. She loves to spend her special time with her family and weekend nights with a tasty dinner. Her life is a wholesome gift for her that she can never forget.

According to the news, Scott Patterson is usually seen in Hawaii with his wife, Kirstine Saryan. They like to spend their private and quality time together in this place. Besides that, they do celebrate their wedding anniversary every year.

scott patterson wife, kristine saryan during the release of second season of gilmore girls
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After getting popular from the show Gilmore Girls, she received offers to work in other tv shows and movies. She gladly accepted and worked on them, such as Qualified (2012) and Kidnapped: The Hannah Anderson Story (2015). She was last seen on the big screen in 2015; since then, she did not work on any projects, but she is still connected to Hollywood.


Kristine Saryan is a popular star who worked in tv shows and movies and gave us some unforgettable fictional characters. She is still popular as Chrissy, who is a fictional character in Gilmore Girls. It is quite an achievement for her that people still remember her even though she is not been working on any project since 2015. Fans are still eager to see her back on the big screen, but according to recent updates, her main focus is her family. It happened mainly after becoming Scott Patterson wife and changed her life status. So currently, she is not planning to come back, but maybe in the future, Kristine will change her mind and put her steps forward in the film industry.