Easiest and Healthy Food to Carry While Travelling


We all love traveling either alone or with the family. Travelling can be fun, work, or both. It has lots of advantages like it refreshes your mind and soul. Regular traveling enhances your skills, improves your social and communication skills, even you will get a real education, etc.  

We all know that some people travel to different cities to explore their culture, tradition even the food offered by the city itself. But here in this article, we are writing about the easiest and healthy food that travelers can carry while traveling. We will cover the culture, tradition and even special foods of the cities in our travel series “Travel with Me”. We will explore the culture, tradition, and different places of mouth-watering food in the town.

You will get to eat if you are traveling through the plane, even if you have booked a first-class ticket for a train or any luxurious traveling option. Here is my write up I have focused on the travelers like me, who have tight budgets while traveling. First, you need to understand the difference between a trip and travel.

Trip – Something which we do with our families, typically involves comfortable transport, comfortable hotels all in all pre-planned expensive budget travel with the family. Yes, it has some pros and cons. 


  • Spend time with the family
  • A relaxing trip


  • No freedom
  • No learning of new things
  • Follow the family guidelines
  • Stick to the plans

Travel – If you are traveling alone or even with some friends without any plans but the only plan is “to travel and explore more inside you”, then you will be called a perfect traveler. There are no predefined plans for the traveler. The only thing they know is the city they are going to and that’s all.


  • Learning of new things
  • Improves your self-confidence
  • Improves your financial management skills
  • Improves your social communication… I can go on and on…


No cons 


If you are a newbie to travel, then I would suggest you read a novel by a young couple, nine-to-fiver Devapriya Roy and Saurav Jha “The Heat and Dust Project”. Their insane traveling guide on a tight budget, this is a must-read.

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Back to the point, food is one of the major things you need to carry while traveling and everybody enjoys eating food while traveling. Below are 5 easiest and healthy foods that the travelers (No referring to the trip people) can carry during the travel.

Protein Bars

Protein bars are rich in protein as well as in other essential items’ body needs. They can be easily carried in your travel bag, you can consume on the go. These protein bars do not require refrigeration or any special care, just peel off the wrapper and consume it whenever or wherever you like. 

You can buy a box of protein bars designed for traveling that are low sugar, soy-free protein bars. These protein bars never crash down the fuel from your body which is continuously required throughout your traveling. You can buy these protein bars from the online grocery store where you will have lots of choice for the flavors, I would recommend buying a mix of flavors.

Whole Wheat Bread Sandwich

A whole-wheat bread sandwich is one of the best options to carry to eat while traveling. Try to avoid adding dairy products like cheese, butter, etc as they tend to get rotten very fast. Even you can avoid adding tomato in it. if you are traveling in a hot place or decided to travel during summers then try to consume it as soon as possible. 

Other than dairy products or the vegetable that smells very quickly, you can add other varieties of veggies like cabbage, cucumber, green chutney layer or honey to make it tasty and healthy.

Try to avoid carrying cheese, creamy sandwiches.


Fruits are the best and reliable source of nutrients while traveling. They are easily available, you can cut them and add in a small tiffin box. Whenever you get hungry while traveling, just open the box and eat it. The best part is that you do not require to add extra masala to them. Try to avoid buying stale and sliced fruits from the outside, this will create health issues due to the bacteria.

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You can carry your favorite fruits, I prefer carrying a mix of fruits like banana, apple, oranges, and Pomegranate in my box. Fruits provide instant energy which you will require during travel, they are easy to digest and high in different types of vitamins


It is an amazing choice of snack to carry while traveling. If you get bored and hungry on the bus or the train then you can eat popcorn. Always carry a packet of popcorn if you are planning for travel. 

Making popcorn is very easy, just go for the ready to make Act II Popcorn. It can be made in the normal cooker as well as in the microwave, to make it tastier you can add white chocolate or the butter in it. I bet this will carve you for more, so add an extra packet of it.

Maggi Masala Cuppa Noodles

If you are a Maggi lover then Maggi masala cuppa noodles are perfect for you. It is easy to carry and you can make it without any hassle. It comes with noodles and some garnishing with a plastic fork. Making it is very easy, just add boiling water to it and leave for 4 minutes to cook. You can add additional veggies like carrot, beans, or peas in it to make it tastier. According to Maggi, they have 5 flavors in the cuppa noodles line. The wheat flour noodles are very tasty as they are flat and can be eaten with ease.

Wrapping Up

We can list down 10+ foods that you can eat while traveling but as a frequent traveler i always carry these foods because they are easy to carry and require less money to buy.