Download Nova Launcher Prime APK Latest Version

Download Nova Launcher Prime APK Latest Version
Download Nova Launcher Prime APK Latest Version

Download Nova Launcher Prime APK Latest Version. If you own an Android phone running on Android’s operating system and are looking to update your phone with a fresh new look, Nova Launcher Prime Apk is the perfect application for you to have a look at. This application will amaze you with its beautiful launchers and following all current trends.

If this sounds like something that interests you – and let’s be honest, it should! – then what are you waiting for? Download Nova Launcher Prime Apk today for your smartphone or tablet devices so you can enjoy using the latest launcher and always feeling inspired to spend more time using them! visit here


Nova Launcher Prime is a name that Android users are no longer too familiar with nowadays. This application is quite popular and well-liked up to this date. The app has a customization function that allows users to change the interface style of their phones. Not to mention, the interface always features styles that correspond to current trends around the world and brings about a neat, eye-pleasing result for any user who wishes to improve their device’s aesthetics with it installed onto it.

Even if you’re already bored with your phone’s default system launcher and how you don’t feel like dealing with it anymore, Nova Launcher Prime will be enough to bring some much needed change into your phone’s UI software by completely replacing all of its default labels, folders and icon appearances with modern ones which come in different types as well. So give Nova Launcher Prime a shot right now; we guarantee there’ll be an improvement found in your device almost immediately!


Nova Launcher Prime apk is one of the most downloaded and used Nova launcher apps today. While there are many apps out there from which people can choose, this launcher is still considered to be a very reputable option. It’s also known for being able to handle gestures more seamlessly than a lot of other applications on the market today.

The gesture control option can be an extremely convenient way for users to get around the interface, whether it’s opening or locking their screens. It’s quite easy to set up as well. They just need to go through the options settings and make sure that they’ve configured it correctly before putting it into use in their everyday lives.


Nova Launcher Prime has a gesture-based launcher that can learn the location of your hand with great accuracy, to know when and where you’re reaching for it. The search bar can be called up from any screen with numerous methods– a bare hand (available for devices with software bars), a swipe from the edge of the screen or even by means of an incoming notification or as an app shortcut.

This is one feature that makes Nova Launcher such an awesome app, and at the same time, it gives its users a special sense of usefulness when operating not only their devices but also central applications with it like Google searches.


Many technology followers have commented that Nova Launcher Prime Apk is too great for those who follow the Android operating system and for those who download nova laucher mod or download nova launcher prime.

And to be honest, the app does live up to these rumors. It helps users manage their phones better, refreshing the interface of your phone and helping one manage all the data in their phone easier.


Currently, the Nova Launcher Prime APK has allowed users to unlock many unique features. One of these is the freedom to customize every interface on the phone. In fact, one can create custom tabs in the app drawer to further organize their apps as well. Moreover, it’s also possible to adjust icons by setting custom shortcuts or folders for applications too!

Most smartphone owners would agree that this is quite a valuable tool for organizing your phone as it allows you to add custom tabs/folders and make changes to how your icons look! This probably explains why Nova launcher prime apk installation is one of the most popular customization methods available today because we all want to fine tune our own phones with new features that are available from other customized launchers…we just want more options!


However, in a phone that you own, there will often be applications that you want to keep and do not want to share or let others see. Nova launcher will help you do that by allowing you to hide apps behind passcode protection (recommended for extra security) so that other people won’t be able to access these apps unless they know the passcode.

However with some regular phones, this function may not exist. Therefore if you would like to use those features then it’s recommended that the user roots their device in order to properly configure their Android phone. To activate these hidden features, go into Nova settings and make sure the appropriate box is checked before using its security measure by either creating a password/pin number or locking the entire phone with a password.


So great, and you should use Launcher pro and download nova launcher prime, right? We hear you – there are a lot of features it comes with that makes both your phone and your life super convenient like customizing the Google search bar or using gestures to tell it when you need to silence an alarm. It also helps when it comes down to staying connected to your contacts and friends.

Since no matter where they are we’ll remind you that they’ve sent a message if they have one waiting for you on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Gmail or Hangouts! And let’s not forget that it can even help us stay on top of our to do list by reminding us which tasks we haven’t yet finished. Go ahead then and download Launcher pro!

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