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Relatively recently, some medical cannabis varieties have been actively used in processed form as a food supplement, as well as for cosmetic purposes. Experts and biologists attribute many useful properties to CBD oil, claiming that this product is made from hemp varieties and extracts that are not psychoactive components and cannot adversely affect human health. Products are supplied in small glass bottles, which are equipped with a convenient pipette dispenser.

One of the most popular outlets offering such products is the CBD-Top online store. Each potential buyer can study CBD reviews on CBDtop website and choose the product that best suits his needs. In addition to the indicated electronic trading platform, on the Internet, you can also find many other information and trade portals that sell products based on the active components of medical marijuana. 

The fast-developing popularity of such substances is due to numerous studies that have shown the undeniable benefits of such products, and scientists continue to prove the effectiveness of cannabis formulations in the treatment of many forms of human diseases or to maintain human immunity.

Marketing Policy CBD Top

The activities of all components of CBD Top online store are aimed at the effective use of cannabis-based oils for therapeutic purposes. The trading platform sets itself the following goals when selling products of this category:

·         In our trading platform, we offer only those products that do not have a psychoactive effect and can only be used for medical purposes.

·         All our natural products presented on the trading platform are highly targeted and do not harm the health and mental state of a person.

·         The store catalog contains only certified CBD products, the effectiveness of which has been proven by scientists.

·         When buying any product, support service specialists are ready to explain the benefits of each drug, talk about the rules of use and dosage.

CBD Top periodically expands its range, replenishes the catalog with new products, monitors new arrivals on the market, and supports various manufacturers that produce a quality product.

Brief description of CBD Top

The CBD top store is one of the most popular similar products on the market, which has the following advantages over most competitors in the market:

·         All products presented in the assortment of the marketplace are 100% organic, made based on hemp without the addition of essential oils, chemicals, fragrances, or artificial herbicides.

·         All medical cannabis products sold in the store are EU-certified and are safe superfoods.

·         When purchasing a product, we enclose a copy of the safety certificate, as well as a detailed guide to the correct use of the substance.

·         Only the best world-renowned manufacturers are listed on CBDTop, such as Medterra, Procana, and other factories that produce organic products based on environmentally friendly raw materials, are presented to the attention of customers.

·         The catalog of the trading platform is equipped with a convenient search and filter system, which simplifies the selection of the desired lot for the client, who can sort the goods by price, volume, manufacturer, and other parameters.

·         Unlike most of our competitors, we only supply a natural product, and our suppliers do not use perfumes in their manufacture.

Thanks to our credibility among manufacturers and the right marketing policy, which attracts many buyers from all over the world to CBD Top, we are trusted by the best producers of organic marijuana-based steam production, and we can sell each lot at the lowest dealer prices.

CBD based products

The effectiveness of hemp-based oil in various concentrations has long been proven by scientists. The benefit is achieved by the correct dosage and combination with other active components of drugs or dietary supplements. In the CBD Top store, each customer can choose the following types of product data:

·         Oils obtained by primary cold pressing of vegetable raw materials. When preparing hemp, heat treatment is not used, which eliminates its psychoactive effect.

·         The store also contains products with the addition of natural cannabidiol, which is used in the form of extracts and increases the benefits of using the drug. Cannabidiol, or CBD, does not contain any active narcotic ingredients, is a safe form for the human body, and is not addictive.

·         Most of the items in our store. made from natural plants using alcohol. Ethanol-based alkaloid allows you to extract only useful CBD ingredients from the plant, as well as nutrients such as bioflavonoids, vitamins of various groups, and amino acids, which positively affects the immune system, skin, hair, and vital organs of the human being.

·         The quality of the goods presented in the CBD Top online store is achieved through the use of an efficient and safe technology of their preparation. During manufacture, the flowers and leaves of natural cannabis are subjected to a leaching process in pure double-distilled ethyl alcohol. After the raw material is saturated with alcohol, the liquid is evaporated at a moderate temperature. 

·         As a result of this process, all extracts of beneficial substances remain in the product, but the psychoactive components are completely decomposed in this environment. after preparation, the finished oil with cannabis extracts is infused until the desired consistency is obtained, purified, and dosed into convenient bottles for sale.

Given that at each stage the manufacturer controls the chemical composition of the resulting product, the presence of harmful substances, resins, allergens, and psychoactive components is excluded. Thus, almost all forms of release of this food supplement are useful for a person of legal age, regardless of gender and the presence of any concomitant and chronic diseases.


We recommend that every potential client check out our store catalog before purchasing CBD preparations. We offer only quality cannabis-based substances at the lowest retail prices.

If necessary, we can recommend additional products that are combined with hemp bud resin extracts, which significantly enhance the positive effect on human health. At the same time, when using such potent active drugs, you must carefully follow the instructions. Before using any hemp-based drug, you should also remember about contraindications for a person with individual intolerance to the components of the substance.