Categories Of Food Wrapping Paper

Categories Of Food Wrapping Paper
Categories Of Food Wrapping Paper

Every food needs to be wrapped before you pack or sell it to your customers. However, you need to know the right wrapping paper to use for every food in your pack. Every food needs to be packed in different wrapping paper depending on how juicy and dry the food is.  So before you buy any wrapping paper, make sure you have studied other wrapping paper first. There are so many types of food wrapping paper, and we will discuss every wrapping paper to know which one will be the best to use. 

1.Sandwich wrap paper 

Sandwich wrap paper is the most common paper used to wrap sandwiches. You can also use it to wrap pretzels and pastries. The thing that makes this sandwich wrap unforgettable for wrapping your sandwiches is its feature; it has a fully open styling which is excellent for wrapping hot dogs or for lining serving baskets. Other sandwich roll papers have a double available design that is great for rolling cookies and pastries. The sandwich wrap paper comes in different colours and sizes, has eco-friendly options and is grease resistant. 

2.Butcher paper 

Butcher piece is a conventional wrapping paper, and it is permeable, meaning that it clenches less steam, enabling food to be humid but not clammy. It has been made in such a way that it protects your meat from getting contaminated. The packing organisation usually offers butcher paper sizes ranging from 12x 12 to 30×48, and it also comes with beneficial twirls that can be customised to the size of your commodity. 

3.Wet wax paper 

Wet wax paper is a discoloured paper. Unlike dry wax paper, damp wax has a gloss and a water resistance ground on both sides. This particular wrap is excellent for wrapping sandwiches, vegetables and meat. Moreover, the packaging organisations offer you wet wax food paper in both sheets and sandwich bags. 

4.Parchment paper 

Parchment paper is made up of a silicon coating; this particular coat offers a heat-resistant paper making it great for cooking, baking and holding hot food. The packaging organisation offers parchment paper in rectangular and circular sheets. 

5.Cheese paper 

There are two categories of the cheese paper, storage and display. When you want to keep your cheese fresh for a long time, you should use storage paper. It protects your cheese and doesn’t allow it to become dry. If you want to store your cheese for a short period, you should use the display cheese instead. The displayed paper comes in various colours, and you wrap your food in different coloured pieces to make the display look colourful to your customers. When wrapping your cheese, you need to ensure you have securely wrapped it, then take your wax paper and wrap the cheese using it. 


In case you are wrapping food for your children or wrapping food for your customers, make sure you use this article as a way to carry out your research on finding the right wrapping paper to use.