Bollywood Single Mothers – Challenging Social Norms

Bollywood Single Mothers - Challenging Social Norms

People in our Indian society are constantly judging the people, it becomes harder for the single mothers. Single mothers have to face several problems in India. For single mothers, they have to raise their kids along with explaining things about their marital status. People have several small mentality thoughts about single mothers in India as if having a father is the only criteria for a woman to live a normal life in society. 

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It becomes very hard for those mothers who spend their lives in the spotlight. As we all know that the Bollywood industry image is everything. The media constantly writes about the good and bad things about artists. There are several Bollywood single mothers who are challenging social norms to raise their kids and are giving them a good life. These Bollywood single mothers are an inspiration for all of us and to this patriarchal society. 

Neena Gupta

She is a veteran actress and a mother of famous fashion designer “Masaba Gupta”. Her choices of films are very bold and inspirational. After watching Netflix Indian web series “Masaba Masaba”, most people get curious to know more about Masaba Gupta. She is the daughter of Neena Gupta and the legendary west indies cricketer Sir Isaac Vivian Alexander Richards. The story of the affair of the two is very famous, Viv Richard was married even after that, Neena Gupta and Viv Richard had a daughter. She was heavily criticized for that but as a strong woman, she stood by her decision and raised Masaba and fulfilled all her duties. 

Karishma Kapoor

She was a star actress in the late 90’s Bollywood movies. Part of several Bollywood blockbusters and acted with the superstar Sharukh khan, Govinda, Sanjay Dutt, etc. Her awesome and notable work in Zubeidaa and Fiza was praised by everyone, showing her versatility in acting skills. In the year 2003, she married an industrialist Sunjay Kapur from which she had a daughter and a son. Unfortunately, their marriage does not last long, in the year 2016 with their mutual consent they get divorced. 

Being a member of the Bollywood renowned family “Kapoor Khandaan” and also the top actress of her era she was always in the limelight. Karishma Kapoor is doing her best job to raise her daughter and son. Recently she had made her comeback with the awesome web series “Mentalhood”. This is an awesome web series that shows the different shades and aspects of motherhood. 

Sushmita Sen

She was crowned miss universe in the year 1994. After winning the competition she started to work in Bollywood. With her notable work in the industry, she became a Bollywood superstar. Sushmita sen adopted two girls “, Renee and Alisha”. She became a single mother at the age of 24 (which is a very young age to be a mother). But that proves to be her best decision of life as being a single Bollywood mother stabilizes her life. 

Raveena Tandon

Famous for her name “Mast Mast girl”. With several 90’s Bollywood blockbusters in her bucket, she still looks young and hot. In 1995 she adopted two girls “Chhaya and Pooja” and became a single mother. Both the adopted daughters of Raveena Tandon are now happily married. According to Raveena Tandon adopting these two young girls was her life’s best decision. The actress is now married to a businessman Anil Thadani, and they have two kids, Ranbir and Rasha.

Amrita Singh

Bollywood superstar Saif Ali Khan married Amrita Singh, they both have an age gap of 13 years. Amrita Singh was a superstar of 80’s Bollywood movies on the other hand Saif Ali Khan is 13 years younger than Amrita Singh. Their relationship and marriage was the most controversial. They both have one daughter, gorgeous Sara Ali khan, and handsome Ibrahim. Amrita Singh and saif Ali khan separated in the year 2002 with Amrita Singh raising both her kids. Amrita Singh proves to be the best single mother of Bollywood, standing with her kids in their important decisions.