Better to Take Refund Than Taking a Promo Code from Zomato?

Better to Take Refund Than Taking a Promo Code from Zomato_

Zomato indeed is the best Indian restaurant aggregator and food delivery company. They have a very large customer base all over India. Zomato has tried expanding their business by delivering online grocery during the coronavirus outbreak. In this cut-throat competitive online food delivery business in India Zomato emerges as the top player, even with several controversies such as:

  • Viral video of their delivery boy eating customers food and packing it.
  • Zomato database hack in 2015 where more than 62.5 million users data such as email, phone number, other personal details were compromised.
  • A customer on Twitter tweeted about how a non-Hindu delivery boy is assigned to deliver his food. For this Zomato strongly stands with “Food has no religion”.
  • Several dine-in restaurants walked out from the platform due to Zomato gold membership that offers heavy discounts causing revenue loss to them.

Most of us love to order from our favorite restaurant through the Zomato app when we are very hungry and feel very lazy to cook anything. The process of ordering is very simple, all you have to do is just select your favorite cuisine and payment can be done through several methods. In this covid-19 outbreak, it is advisable to choose the online payment (no contact) method of payment.

Not all of us have a very pleasant experience with online platforms especially when it comes to food. Problems such as food overpriced, late delivery, stale food, delivery agents rude behaviors, payment issues, etc. All of the above said issues are an equal contribution of the platform as well as the partner restaurants. One such major issue is stale food that’s been sent by the restaurants, although Zomato seriously takes this matter as customers are their first priority. In this write-up our main agenda is to educate you so that you know Zomato refund trick.

If you have ever had food delivered that is not edible, you can simply contact their chat support:

Step 1: Open the Zomato app

Step 2: Go to “Your Orders” 

Zomato Order

Step 3: Click on the restaurant you have ordered

Zomato Restaurant Order

Step 4: Click “Chat with us” just below “Have an issue with your order”

Zomato chat with us

Step 5: Click on food quality issue

Step 6: Write down the issue you have with your delivered food. They will ask you to click the picture of that food.

Step 7: A chat support agent will be assigned very quickly, who will send you the apology message and gives you the option such as:

Zomato Chat
  • Promo code of same amount
  • Refund to Your bank account 

(Note: Refund or promo code amount will depend on the price of the item you have selected).

Here comes the interesting part which not only we noted but several of our visitors pointed out. Herewith our simple mathematics we will tell you why you should select a bank account refund rather than taking a promo code.

Example: Our total bill after the next order is Rs.238 (Including tax, delivery charges, and everything)

Zomato Total

The Promo code they offered is Rs.82 off on the next order

Bank account refund they offered is Rs.82

Already running, offer promo code Rs.100 off.

Selecting Rs.82 promo code: You will lose the chance of applying Rs.100 as you can apply one coupon at one time. Here you can only apply Rs. 82 off code.

Promo 1 Zomato

238-82=156 you have to pay

Selecting Rs.82 bank account refund: You will have a chance of applying Rs.100 off.

Promo 2 Zomato

233.50-90 (promo code) -82 (bank account refunded amount)=61.50 you have to pay.

Which one is good, paying Rs.156 or paying Rs.61.50?

Bottom Line!

The only advantage with the promo code they offered is you can instantly use it on the other hand bank account refund will take time which will depend on your bank, you may consider having bank refund as the best Zomato refund trick. It can take from 3-15 business days. The already running promo code in our case Rs.100 is tempreory and changes with the offer run by Zomato.