Best Slot Games to Play in New Zealand


Slot games at are perhaps the most popular form of gambling, with online slots in particular being very well liked by players. In New Zealand, slots are especially popular, with a range of quality titles to choose from.

New zealand slots 

Slot games are incredibly popular online versions of a casino staple. Slots were already well liked by players but when they made the shift to online, their popularity simply exploded. Players cannot get enough of them, they simply push spin the reels and they can end up with a nice win. Slot games are also relatively inexpensive to play, as long as you don’t use them for too long or start over betting, there is also a nice win potential for more patient players. There is no doubt that online slots have managed to surpass their real life equivalent in popularity. This popularity extends to countries where gambling is heavily regulated, like New Zealand. Players in the country love all the unique themes and game engines that the slots produce. 


Although there are a wide variety of game choices available for players, online slots always seem to be the most popular games out there. This is because of the wide variety of advantages and benefits that they offer players. The following are some of the most major. 

  1. Accessibility – Perhaps the biggest advantage when it comes to using online slots, the sheer amount of accessibility that is offered is truly staggering. Players can enjoy a game of online slots from wherever they are, as long as they have a good enough internet connection.
  2. Choice – One thing that players get when they use online slots is lots of choice. There are a massive amount of variations to choose from, there are standard slots, jackpot slots and even slot games mixed with bingo in a hybrid game called slingo. Players will rarely get bored of using online slots as a result.
  3. Community – Although online slots cannot exactly mimic the community that players will experience in a real life casino, they still manage to do a great job. Players will enjoy the interactions with others and the groups of online friends that they make through this game. 

Examples of slot games in New Zealand 

As a country where online slots are incredibly popular, New Zealand features many popular slot games. The following are just a few of the most popular titles in the country. 

  •       Cleopatra – Based on the Ancient Egypt legend, this slot is perfect for players who are fans of history. It features a wonderful design that will make players think they are deep in the valley of kings and catchy music that help compliment this atmosphere.
  •       Starburst – One of the most popular slot releases ever, Starburst was developed by NetEnt and it features amazing gameplay mixed with memorable bonus features. With an amazing outer space theme and graphics that still hold up today, this slot is not to be missed.

Final Thoughts 

There are a wide range of amazing slot titles to choose from, when you are playing in New Zealand.