6 Famous Bridges in the U.S. That Are Worth Your Time

famous bridges in usa

People are capable of building some impressive structures. If you’re interested in architecture, you’re probably familiar with many of them.

But how much do you know about the most famous bridges in the US? Have you ever driven across Frankford Avenue Bridge in Philadelphia? Built way back in 1697, it’s the oldest roadway bridge in the United States.

If not, then it’s time to expand your knowledge to learn more about the most beautiful bridges in the US. Learn about them now so you can plan your visit later. Keep reading to learn about the six best bridges in the US!

1. Seven Mile Bridge

The Seven Mile Bridge is the longest bridge in Florida keys and the world, coming in almost seven miles long. So a helicopter tour is your best bet to take in the sights.

In 1935, the United States government bought an old railroad and refurbished it for automobile use. The arrival of Hurricane Donna in 1960 damage most of the original bridge, but the majority of it still stands today.

The current Seven Mile Bridge opened for traffic in 1982, and Figg & Muller Engineering designed and engineered this seven-mile wonder. The Seven Mile Bridge is also a part of US Route 1.

A good thing to know is the Seven Mile Bridge closes every April for the Seven Mile Bridge Run to support the Florida Keys bridge rebuilding project.

2. Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge is a majestic sight, and its connected New York’s East River to Manhattan since 1883. With granite towers and steel cables, the construction of the Brooklyn Bridge took 14 years and cost over 15 million dollars at the time!

German engineer John Augustus created the Brooklyn Bridge design and pioneered the creation of steel suspension bridges.

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Another fun fact is that in May of 1884, P.T. Barnum, along with 21 elephants, walked over the bridge to prove it was safe for everybody.

Even today, at over 125 years old, the Brooklyn Bridge supports over 150,000 cars and pedestrians each day.

3. Golden Gate Bridge

What bridge list would be complete without the iconic Golden Gate Bridge? Opening in 1937, the Golden Gate Bridge connects San Francisco to Marin County, California.

The bridge project began in the 1920s due to population growth in San Francisco and the need to connect to neighbors across Golden Gate.

Building the Golden Gate Bridge was no easy task, and divers had to plunge 90 feet or more to remove rock and debris. In 1937 a scaffold fell and tore through the safety net, killing ten of the workers. Despite the challenges, the Golden Gate Bridge was a roaring success.

The Golden Gate Bridge is almost two miles long, nearly 90 feet wide, and its towers measure 746 feet tall.

4. Mackinac Bridge

In St. Ignace, Michigan, the Mackinac Bridge is easily one of the most famous bridges in the US. It also takes the title for the fifth-longest suspension bridge in the entire world at 26,372 feet long.

In 1923 the State Highway Department established a ferry service to bring people to the islands. But later, traffic became so heavy that studies began to evaluate the conditions for a bridge.

The Mackinac Bridge made its first debut in November of 1957, allowing traffic for the first time.

The central tower is also 552 feet above the water, with 42,000 miles of cable, and weighs over one million tons.

You can drive across the Mackinac Bridge after paying a toll based on their schedule. Keep in mind that you can’t stop on the bridge or go faster than 45mph.

5. Lake Pontchartrain Causeway

The Lake Pontchartrain Causeway, often referred to as the Causeway, is one of the longest bridges in the US and the world record holder for being the longest bridge to stretch continuously over water.

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In the 1940s, New Orleans, Louisiana, grew fast, and Lake Pontchartrain soon became one giant obstacle. People travelling north or south of the city had to contend with the lake, so plans for the bridge began.

Then in 1955, the Lousiana Bridge Company was formed to undertake the enormous task of building the bridge. The first causeway opened in 1956 after 14 months of building, measuring almost 24 miles in length!

Over ten years later, a second causeway was built to handle the ever-increasing volume of daily traffic. The second causeway runs parallel to the first one and is almost 84 feet away.

In 1969, Guinness World Records named the Causeway as the longest bridge over water in the entire world. When you go there, you’ll have to pay a toll and be aware there is a drawbridge at the 16-mile marker.

6. Benson Bridge

The Benson Bridge is a footbridge in Multnomah Falls, Oregon, that crosses over Multnomah Creek.

After finishing the Columbia River Highway, a businessman named Simon Benson hired Italian stonemasons to build the bridge so that people could have access to Multnomah Falls. The Benson Bridge was built in 1914 and named in his honor.

The Benson Bridge was a feat of engineering for its time. Workers had to scale up cliffs on their hands and knees to build the bridge 135 feet in the air. Benson Bridge is 45 feet long and sits 105 feet above the lower part of Multnomah Falls.

The Benson Bridge is arguably the most famous bridge in the US and one of the most photographed structures in the world.

Famous Bridges in the US

Now that you know all about the famous bridges in the US, you can start packing your bags for a road trip!

These remarkable feats of architecture are a sight to behold. Whether you’re old or young, a bridge tour is fun for everyone.

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