5 Ways to Choose the Best CBD Brand

Choose the Best CBD Brand

Access to CBD is no longer an issue. There are hundreds of retailers online that will send CBD to your doorstep at a moment’s notice. Customers also choose between many types of delivery methods, including CBD ediblesCBD oil, and topicals. The issue now becomes to choose the right product, type of CBD, and the best CBD brand.

We are going to outline what makes a CBD brand stand out from the rest of the pack. There are multiple great brands online; choosing one takes additional research, but the reward is high-quality CBD to help you overcome various conditions.

What Makes a Top CBD Brand?

Finding a reputable CBD brand is easy if you know what you are looking for. The industry has been around long enough to develop a few major players that have stood the test of time. Buying from one of the legacy brands is the easiest way to get a quality product. If you are looking for a less corporate option, you must investigate a few key factors that separate a top CBD brand from a company doing the bare minimum.

#1 Pick the Right Type of CBD

The first step to finding the right CBD brand for you is to determine what type of CBD you need. There are three main categories of CBD; each is defined below:

  • Full-spectrum CBD – A hemp extract including other cannabinoids and terpenes from the original plant. Full-spectrum CBD products should have small amounts of THC, under the 0.3% legal potency limit.
  • Broad-spectrum CBD – Cannabidiol extract without any trace of THC. Broad-spectrum contains other cannabinoids and terpenes but leaves THC behind in the manufacturing process.
  • Isolate CBD – Pure CBD completely separated from raw hemp is known as isolate. In its pure form, CBD is a crystallized white substance.

Choosing what type of CBD is essential because some retailers only offer one type. We recommend trying a ‘full-plant extract if possible.

#2 Review Lab Tests

Checking what is in your CBD is the next step to finding a reputable CBD brand. No matter what type of CBD you choose, you need to find out if the advertised potency claims match the 3rd party COAs.

#3 Buy USA Hemp

CBD products made from USA hemp are reliable because of the strict farming regulations by the USFDA. Hemp sourced from other countries could be synthetics or use harmful chemicals to drive crop yields.

#4 Look at Reviews

Feedback from other customers can give you insight into what type of brand you are dealing with. Many CBD consumers are very vocal and will comment if they are getting results from a product.

A brand with hundreds of reviews per product could identify a top CBD brand. However, you have to mindful of bot manipulation. Look for reviews with specifics about conditions and dosage rather than simply ‘great product’ type comments. Bots usually aren’t tuned into the CBD terminology and are easy to pick out.

#5 Choose a Reputable CBD Supplier

Find how the CBD brand is producing its products. Outlining the CBD oil distributor can give you insights into how the products are made and what regulatory measures they take to create CBD oil safely.

The Best CBD Brand

Finding CBD for sale is no longer difficult. Thanks to the 2018 ‘Farm Bill,’ CBD products are readily available online. The best CBD brand should provide lab tests, positive reviews, and insights into how the products are manufactured. Finding a trustworthy brand is a bit more challenging but is possible if you take the time to dig deeper into the brand.