5 Serious Topics on Which Most Indians Do Not Talk

Serious Topics on Which Most Indians Do Not Talk

Numerous serious topics have the most relevance to our life. These topics require immediate attention as they are directly and indirectly related to our mental health and its growth. Our mental health defines our perspective on society. It gives us the power to understand the very complex situations that are kept deep inside in a social vault. 

We all know, even the whole world knows that India is a beautiful country with lots of diverse cultures. We are the world’s second-largest populated country having weak economic growth. The only thing which surges in our country even after seven decades of independence is unemployment, poverty, illiteracy, etc. Our culture plays a significant role in not talking about some serious topics, as these topics ruin our culture. 

People may argue that these topics have no relevance in the economic growth of a country but if we are not capable of discussing and accepting it in our lives, then how can we see everything from a different angle. A bright light of acceptance of these serious issues required in our socially complex society. When you have only a biased society towards one type of way of living, things get stabilized and remain constant for decades. This stability may sound promising to some groups but it has some flaws and loopholes that need to be replaced with newly designed captivative ideas by keeping all the groups in mind. 

With so much diverse culture there is always a chance of missing some serious day to day life issues. It will be our pleasure to clarify that What is making us these serious topics to point as an “Issue”? The answer purely relies on the real-life references that these secretly hidden vaults never come in the daylight, and people still suffer from the persona.

For this we can not blame the current people, the problem always has a root of the past. When a thing gets ignored from the ancestors it just fades in the present. We cannot deny the fact that these problems still exist but ignoring them in the name of culture is not a true solution.

A pinch of salt can change the taste of food, likewise, a pinch of acceptance can change the way of living. 

The topics which we as an Indian do not talk about are very much related to our mental development, it shapes our thought towards this socially complex society. Where people are very busy with different things. We need to make these topics a part of our daily life instead of considering it as taboo. We might be lucky if we explore these topics to the extent that it will become a normal thing to discuss with our surrounding people, with our children, parents, colleagues, friends, or everyone around us.

Sex Education

When it comes to sex education, people in India is ashamed of using the word “Sex”. India is the second-largest populated country in the world, it is very surprising to know that people often tend to ignore the word “SEX” and feel ashamed of it. The 1.3 billion people are no wonder came from angels land, without doing sex. When it comes to discussing sex education most Indians do not talk. Reproductive system, sexual reproduction, safe sex, birth control have no place in the talk and they are considered taboo.

Sex education is quality teaching and learning at schools, communities, online about topics related to sex and sexual health. Parents play a vital role in providing sex education. Human development, different levels of relationship, sexual behaviors are the broad range of topics for Sex education. Over 250 million people in India are between the age of 10 to 19 years and 31% of the population age above 15 years are suffering from HIV. With these preoccupancy data, people still protest and wanted to exclude sex education from basic education.

A common misconception about We need to throw this from our mind that sex education does not increase the sexual activities but it also educates about HIV and other related diseases. As an Indian we lack in talking about sex education, we need to include in our daily life conversation. Parents should talk with their kids about it so that they will become open-minded about this serious topic. By learning sexuality people tend to know the society and influence that shapes the way society views genders. 

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The basics of sex education start at the school level, but the reproductive behavior, human genitals, sexual intercourse, role of sexual health in the development of mental health remains very informal. 

It is commonly seen lack of sex education and its awareness in India leads to:

  • No talk on Homosexuality
  • No talk on Menstruation
  • No talk on the complication of a relationship
  • No talk on sexual health
  • No talk on childbirth and so on…

Sexual Orientation

Before digging deep inside the sexual orientation let us just quote the line which Chief Justice of India said.

Several countries do not have more than two columns for genders and they come at the bottom in terms of gender equality. It is very pleasurable to know the negatives of others but it is equally harsh when we do our soul searching. In India, we do not talk about gender orientation. With the govt support, we still do not differentiate between a transgender and a gay or lesbian. The main reason behind this is very much simple, we failed to recognize the gender feelings at a basic level. We still consider it taboo when we see or found same-sex love. Brutality emerges from our soul to correct the gender orientation, only because we only know and believe in two genders either M or F (In a capital letter because it makes us feel proud).

Discrimination on the gender basis leads to several basic issues. People tend to dominate just because they think at the top of this chain. A sense of superiority comes into existence, allowing the superiors to rule and take all your pride, prejudice, and a basic fundamental right viz “Right to live with dignity”. What orientation is right or wrong is a single person’s decision and made according to the feelings that exist inside that soul, but the irony has some other stance for these people in most of the cases. 


Study shows that there is no single cause of depression. The cause of depression varies from person to person, and these causes cannot be classified or measured in any parameters. Between the age of 15 to 19 years, depression becomes the third major cause of suicide. We might have seen in the news or even witness in real life where people do suicide due to depression. 

Depression is a condition in which a person feels sad, guilty, low in energy, worthless towards anything. It leads to severe thoughts about non achievements etc. It is surprising to know that 300 million people are suffering from depression worldwide, even 15% of Indians have several mental health issues and still, we do not talk about this serious issue. 

Study shows that India is the most depressed country followed by the United States. Our health system is not structured to take mental health as a part of treatment. There are several reasons people suffering from depression do not consider it as a serious issue due to the judgment people made. It will be surprising to know that those people suffering from mental health problems are considered mentally ill and retarded. 

Stigma is a major cause when it comes to treatment and talks about depression, over time it becomes our social taboo. Education also plays a vital role in the treatment of any issue. Last but not least counseling and treatment are very expensive when it comes to treating mental health issues. In a country where the majority of the population is below the poverty line and does not meet their daily basic needs, they cannot even think about mental health treatment. We need to take depression as a serious topic.

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Career Options

We live in a society where education infrastructure is not so strong that people can independently think of the career options he/she can pursue. When a country has so much unemployment it becomes very obvious to choose only those streams that will be fruitful. Our parents have dreams even before we are born that our kid will become a “Doctor or engineer”. These fields have guaranteed a handsome amount of income that is what they think. If a mutation does not occur at the cellular level then possibly we as a human being won’t be standing where we are right now, the same applies to our Indian mentality. 

A basic talk can make a huge difference, but career options are something we as an Indian do not talk about. Money has more importance than anything because most of the Indian families belong to lower-middle-class families. They simply want to have a better life for their kids but all in this talk on the career options just stay behind. It is time for Indians to talk openly about career options very seriously. Instead of imposing your decision, we need to understand the skills and interests of the person.

Relationship Issues

We all are surprised when we hear this in the news about some private Instagram group chat about the fantasies teenage boys have for the Girls, you will be amazed to know that some minors have fantasies about gangraping the school girls. What kind of failure is this? We can easily understand it as a relationship issue these souls are into, other than the nurture. 

A relationship is the base of any individual development, it starts at the parental level followed by inclusion for many persons in someone’s life. Let us just analyze the possible relationship issues a person goes through in all his life phases.


It is the time when parental care is very important, a time when a child started to learn about the importance of relationships in life. In some cases when the parents are compatible with each other, it often leads to domestic violence which results in a negative effect on the child’s mind. If you as a parent are very strict towards your children, will lead to relationship issues.


We are living in a society where a relationship between boys and girls before marriage is considered as a taboo. With the advancement in technology, teenagers spend most of their time surfing the internet on their smartphones. We all are very well aware that the pornographic website can be easily accessed by the teenagers, by which a sense of sexual activity is developed inside them and teenager relationship being a taboo these teenagers won’t understand the boundaries love of relation and a desirable relationship. This resulted in the ruin of beautiful love essence converting into only desirable sexual intercourse. 

Post Marriage

Arranged marriage is the most preferred form of marriage in India. People did not get enough time to understand their partner as our society is in a hurry for two adults to get married and make babies. This is the story of people of all religions in India. When you do not get ample time to understand your partner and it becomes your soulmate for the lifetime, then relationship issues start to occur between two people. Our predecessors have a very obvious excuse that couples get to know each other like them. It does not matter whether that person is right or wrong for you, whether you like him/her or not it becomes your destiny to spend your whole life with that person. We are very conservative with our family honor, as divorce or family problems may lead them to dishonor in society. Due to this, some people did not talk about their relationship issues. This creates a tense situation between the married couples that in most cases leads to an unwanted life and sometimes becomes genocides.