5 Reasons to Consider Frezyderm Children’s Sunscreen

Children's Sunscreen

Getting ready for a holiday takes a lot of preparation. You have flights to book and activities to arrange. Then, you have all of the packing to do. Indeed, if you are a parent, you are also going to have to sort all of your children’s belongings for the vacation.

Something that you cannot forget if you are going to a hot country is sunscreen. In particular, if you have a young child, they are going to need their own to use on their face and body. One brand you will see a lot on the shelves is Frezyderm. Let’s take a look at five reasons why parents love their children’s sunscreen.

Suitable for Sensitive Skin

If your child has sensitive skin, you are probably worried about finding sunscreen. You will not want to aggravate the skin, especially if they have eczema or a skin condition. Indeed, there are some products that can cause redness, itching and irritation, which can upset your child and cause havoc with your holiday plans.

Well, this is something that you do not have to worry about with Frezyderm. They make sure that they use quality ingredients in their sunscreen. Their children’s products state that they are suitable for babies and small children with sensitive skin.

Different SPFs

One of the first things that parents often look at when it comes to sunscreen is the SPF or sun protection factor. This is going to tell you how much protection you are going to get from a product. You often get more protection with a higher SPF.

Frezyderm gives you options when it comes to your children’s sunscreen. For example, you can choose from SPF 25 and SPF 50 when it comes to Frezyderm sunscreen for babies. You can decide based on what you need the sunscreen for and what you would like to use on your child. Often, parents will go for the highest SPF for peace of mind.

Water Resistant Options

The chances are, if you are buying sunscreen for your child, you are going on holiday or enjoying the sunshine. Indeed, this is normally in the summer when the sun is blazing down. You want to be outside having fun with the family. For some people, this will involve being active and near the beach.

Well, the good thing about Frezyderm is that they offer water-resistant sunscreen options. This means that it is going to protect the skin for a certain amount of time, even when it is wet. So, you know that your children will be protected. Then, all you have to do is reapply the product later on.

Paraben-Free Products

In recent years, there has been a lot of controversy around products using parabens. Indeed, studies show that they might disrupt hormones and even cause damage to the body. There is some suggestion that parabens could increase your risk of cancer. Of course, this means that more families do not want to use these types of products. This is particularly true for their children.

Frezyderm shows on their children’s sunscreen that they are paraben-free. This means that they do not contain any of these chemicals and you do not have to worry about them. You know you are making the best decision for your children.

Lotion and Spray Available

When you are on vacation, children are excited about everything. Whether you are spending a day at the beach or going to a theme park, they will be eager to go and not be able to sit still. Indeed, it can be difficult to get them to wear sunscreen because they do not want to sit down and do not want cream on their skin. So, it is nice to have the option of a lotion or spray to suit the different circumstances.

Thankfully, Frezyderm offers both options when it comes to their children’s sunscreen. For example, you can use the spray when your child is in a rush to play and just wants to get this part over and done with. Alternatively, for a thicker application, you can use the lotion. They are both going to do the job, but you may find one easier than the other to apply to your child’s skin. What’s more, some children do not like the cold sunscreen spray on their skin. Instead, you can rub in the lotion and this is not going to be such a shock to the system on a hot day.