5 Reasons to Compare Indian and Foreign Education System

5 Reasons to Compare Indian and Foreign Education System

The exploding population has several disadvantages. One of the major disadvantages of the growing population is that people are not getting an education. For them earning is very important to get a meal for them and their family, it is not wrong to say that survival has become a necessity for them. In rural areas, children are forced to work in their school-going age, so that they can earn and contribute to the family’s daily lives. The right to education for all must be compulsory and need to be checked and applied at the ground level very strictly, as education is not going to harm anyone even it allows you to live with dignity, so implementing it forcefully is not a bad thing as it will never have an adverse effect or it will harm in anyways.

For those who are lucky enough to get an education in our education system may have seen some basic flaws in the education system.

Our Education system like other countries have:

  • Government Schools and
  •  Private Schools

Government Schools in India: Conditions of government schools in India is Dreadful. We can easily see the bad infrastructural condition. They have overpopulated classrooms, no proper sitting arrangements for the children, awful toilet conditions, shortage of teachers and supporting staff, etc.

Private Schools in India: Like government schools they might not issue with the infrastructure, staff shortage as they charge for each and everything they are providing but we cannot forget the fact that they are just an education factory. Where in the name of education/knowledge all the facility is providing in return for money or some cases it is called a donation.

No system in the world is perfect, there is always room for improvement in the systems “education system” is not untouched by this. If we compare the expenditure on education (as a percentage of GDP), we can see how drastically it has been reduced.

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Here, we will explore the major 5 reasons why the Indian education system is lagging behind the other foreign country education system.

No Practical Learning Only Focus on Theory

Indian education systems solely rely on theoretical learning, they do not focus on practical learning. Students firmly believe in the “rattafication” because they have to get good grades without learning. Foreign education focuses on both theories as well as practical learning. Their objective is to deliver education and knowledge so that kids can deal with the real world with their extensive knowledge. 

No Creativity Allowed Here

If we say no creativity allowed here then it means the Indian education system. In Indian government schools, if a student gets a good education that will be it, creativity is like a pluto that is so far and even not counted on the planet. 

Education is Formality in India

To get a degree and a good job you must get educated and make it part of the routine which somehow becomes a formality. A student constantly gets pressured from society, family, and even from the schools to the theoretical memorization to just pass the exam. Whether you learned something from your education doesn’t matter. On the other hand in foreign education is a learning process.

This formality can be sweet for the parents but can be painful for the students. All the routines like a robot are defined from school to tuition and even watching television time. It’s like a race that has no ending for the students, they constantly run for their life throughout their lifespan.

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Lack of Choices

Indian education is limited to the courses you do not have the choices. There are several reasons behind not having choices:

If the education system will introduce the extra courses then they have to spend more money and resources on it. As we have seen from the above graph, a country with billions of people who are growing at a rapid pace spends a small amount in education. On the other hand, other countries with low populations spend more than this billion people country in education. They know the power of education and its importance but we still have political parties that rule on the uneducated people in the name of religion. 

Another reason for the lack of choice is following a crowd blindly and for this, we can not blame the Indian education system as it is up to the parents and students not to follow the things people are following. It’s the responsibility of parents and the education system to encourage students to think beyond the already existing courses. But what we can do as we live in a society where people before giving birth decides their career. You must have heard 

Agar beta Hua to Engineer aur Beti hui to doctor”

No Extracurricular Activities

Arts and sports are not mandatory in the Indian education system. Art as a career choice is never considered because only doctors and engineers are making millions and billions. In India, sports is just cricket as it has a name, fame, and money. No other sport is a good choice of career. For countries like Australia, sports are mandatory, other countries also focus on extracurricular activities. 

Bottom Line

Indian do not have the worst education system but it is also not the best one. The line of real education is overtaken by religious propaganda.