5 Common Co-Employment Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Common Co-Employment Mistakes

Are you running a company with another supervisor? Readout this article to know about the 5 common co-employment mistakes and how to avoid them.

Running a company means there’s a lot of responsibility riding on your shoulders. This is why co-employment is a great option for people looking to run a business.

How co-employment works is by partnering up with a professional employment organization (POE) to share employment responsibilities. This takes a lot off of your shoulders and lifts some of the liability that comes with being an employer.

However, there are a lot of co-employment mistakes that can happen when working with another supervising force. Read on to know the most common mistakes that can happen and how you can avoid them.

1. Not Classifying Workers Right Away

The most common mistake made by most business owners is failing to classify workers right away. Doing this ensures you stick within your legal responsibilities when it comes to providing them with benefits and tasks. Failing to do so is a surefire way to get investigated for employee misclassification.

This is especially important when dealing with independent contractors. Many make the mistake of handling them like their own employees. Doing this puts you in the mindset that you have control over things like their rates, time, and their work ethic.

Treat them as partners, instead. Discuss rates, payment methods, and deadlines. This is a great way to avoid complications along the line.

2. Not Handling Harassment Claims

Harassment claims are among your co-employer responsibilities in these scenarios. Employees hired by your partnered POE still work under your company. This means you’ll need to handle any harassment complaint within the business.

You need not worry about any liability in this case, though. The liabilities fall on the POE’s shoulders. They’re the ones who didn’t vet the candidates enough to have this happen, after all.

3. Overlooking the Process of the Staffing Agencies

Co-employment makes it tempting to take a step back, knowing the hiring process is in good hands. However, doing this is a surefire way to put your business in a precarious position. Some POEs may commit violations against employment laws right under your nose.

You can avoid this by hiring a co-employer you can trust. You can check out this link to know all about one of the best companies you can partner with, including their services and customer testimonials: https://avitusgroup.com/bellevue-washington-king-county-peo/.

4. Failing to Set Boundaries

Not getting involved in your business’s process can also lead to another problem. This is having your POE overstep their authority in the business. This can result in them making big changes without your knowledge.

Clear communication is a great way to avoid this. Talk to your co-employer and make sure they run everything by you before doing anything. This ensures you know what’s going on and you can make the right judgments with the information they give you.

5. Not Taking Care of Your Workers

The biggest mistake committed in co-employment scenarios is ignoring the welfare of your workers. Your POE won’t be interested in working with you if this is the case. They don’t want any association with businesses that treat their workers poorly.

This puts you back in square one, where you handle everything yourself. If you want to keep the co-employment relationship going, take care of your employees. Create benefit plans and make sure workplace safety is at an all-time high.

Avoid These Co-Employment Mistakes Today

Co-employment need not be a scary aspect in running a company. Avoiding these co-employment mistakes ensures all goes well in your business. Read up and learn how to effectively keep things running today!

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