5 Best Movies Like Hunger Games That You Should Watch

movies like hunger games
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Jennifer Lawrence has done many movies, some of which made a special place in our lives, such as The Hunger Games. From the first part to the fourth part, the series never made us feel like a boring movie series. All thanks to the director who selected the star cast to play the role. Such as Jennifer Lawrence (Katniss Everdeen), Liam Hemsworth (Gale Hawthorne), Woody Harrelson (Haymitch Abernathy), and so on. Also, the cinematic effects they used in the movie are on the next level. And unexpected plot twists make it more than a dystopian movie. 

Having the same experience as these series looks complex, but it is not impossible. It is because some movies let you have the same experience. So, we have collected five movies like hunger games that can give you a nostalgic vibe. Apart from that, you will see something unique in these movies too.

5 Movies Like Hunger Games

Here we are taking out five movie options from our bucket to watch if you are in love with The Hunger Games series:

The Percy Jackson (2010-13)

No one expects The Percy Jackson series to be included in the list of movies like Hunger Games. That might be because of a few genre resemblances to the Harry Potter series and The Chronicles of Narnia, like magic. But it also resembles The Hunger Games, which you can notice when you watch the movie.

Thor Freudenthal and Chris Columbus directed the movie. These two are fantastic directors that gave us movies in genres such as Thriller. If you look at the movie adaptation, you will find that they have carried a storyline, characters, plot twists and unique elements. It is considered mainly to give us the same vibe as the original book “Percy Jackson & The Olympians.” Because of that, you will find many similarities between these two movies.

More to Know About Percy Jackson

  • Percy Jackson’s first installment carries out the story from The Lightning Thief saga. Through this movie, we learned about how Percy Jackson got to learn about his real identity as Poseidon’s son. Poseidon is a mythological god who controls water. So, it is excellent to see how a normal-looking guy finds himself as a mighty demigod.
  • Moreover, the series is full of sea and other unbelievable monsters to maintain the excitement until the end. This main element from the book series is difficult to show, especially on a big screen. But as a director, they did justice with that and gave us unexpected fight scenes with these monsters. This is not the end, and they also decided to make a reboot version of the series. The reboot version will be available on Disney+, so you can have fun with this movie version on your home screen tv too. 
The Percy Jackson
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  • In The Hunger Games, we generally experience the life of Katniss Everdeen, who fights back for her rights as a member of District 12. It is to prove herself as one of the two tributes selected for this game. However, The Hunger Games, which looks hungry for souls, are not easy to win; still, she tries till the end. This particular goal to achieve something gives you the same vibe in The Percy Jackson series.
  • Generally, Percy Jackson follows a major section from the book to find the purpose and importance of certain people in life. Also, how Percy learns about his powers through their help, these things will see in The Hunger Games.

The Maze Runner (2014-18)

If you are a fan of The Hunger Games, then you should have watched The Maze Runner at least once. From the first to the third part, the Maze Runner maintains the base theme (Adventure as an example), which is kind of unexpected. But as a viewer, we have also seen this same theme in The Hunger Games.

The series is directed by Wes Ball, who tried to follow the central dystopian concept in the movie. His efforts paid well, and the film got praised by the distributors. The same goes for The Hunger Games; the movie got excellent results and was praised for its efforts of putting out dystopian concepts well in the storyline.

movies like hunger games
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Apart from that, The Hunger Games follow the story of youngsters who want to make their own place in a cruel world. This kind of sense of justice, you will find in The Maze Runner as well. All the youngsters around the globe gathered to do particular things to find a way is kind of a mix-up element between these two movies.

The whole series of The Hunger Games choose particular teenagers to sweat out for their life till the last breath. Not only that, but it also follows the concept of teamwork in a problematic situation, exploring and learning many things throughout their journey. This kind of major central point will notice in The Maze Runner as well.

The Divergent (2014-16)

The next one on our list of movies like Hunger Games is The Divergent. From the first part to the third part, the series follows the dystopian concept from the novel of the same title. This kind of important factor makes it a relevant recommendation for The Hunger Games lovers.

All three parts of the series are directed by Neil Burger and Robert Schwentke. These duos have tried their best to give us a series full of adventure, thriller, Sci-Fi, and many more. 

The Divergent
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The plot of the movie shows us the journey of well-formed people who come together to work as a team to fight back against dreadful opponents. In addition, the concept of making or establishing a new world from the existing one is kind of included in the storyline. This is quite impressive because it throws back the same stuff on your face, and you will understand it, especially if you are a fan of The Hunger Games.

Moreover, if you are into movies like Hunger Games, then you have already noticed that The Divergent has a unique presence among the other dystopian film. This is because of including a message giving the concept of what will be the consequence of going against the terrifying society. Now, You have noticed that a unique message like this, also included in The Hunger Games, is kind of good to consider watching The Divergent series. 

Battle Royale (2000)

Koushun Takami, who is a Japanese Novelist, wrote “Battle Royale”, which became worldwide famous in no time. Thanks to the soul-shaking story and mind-blowing characters, the novel got adapted into a movie with the same titular name. The movie was released in 2000 and is considered one of the top-class Japanese movies. However, the film got critical comments from the media during its first week of release. This was quite a devastating time for a filmmaker. But coincidentally, the concept of the movie is liked by viewers, distributors, and so on. After that, it became one of the most-liked movies by viewers in 2000.

movies like hunger games
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Moreover, the movie follows genres such as action, thriller, adventure, and Sci-Fi to keep you in the chair until you finish the film. You will see this kind of same nostalgic vibe in The Hunger Games as well.

Selecting extraordinary teenagers, transporting them to another place, forcing them to play survival games, using a weapon to fight back, become the only one to achieve something. These kinds of major plot twists are the primary concern of both movies. If we look at these similarities, then we can indeed say that Battle Royale is one of those recommendations that counted as movies like Hunger Games.

Riddick (2013)

Did you know that Riddick has a good popularity score? All thanks to its fantastic star cast, action-packed story and unbearable fighting scenes that make it possible. The movie follows a story of a specific character who fights against aliens to survive on a hot planet. He has no hope of getting help from his leader because he left him when he needed him the most. So, he decided to move forward with some fellow mates and never set his eyes back on where he came from.

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If you like The Hunger Games, then you should watch Riddick because it is enough to let you have an experience of survivability in a dangerous place. Also, give you a combination of action, adventure, sci-fi and thriller. Such kinds of similar themes, genres, concepts and whatever you like to say give you the same breath as The Hunger Games give. In short, Riddick is a valuable option to consider if you are searching for movies like Hunger Games.


Finding movies like hunger games are kind of tricky, especially if you have no idea what you should consider when you find one. So, we made this task easy for you by providing the five similar and most popular options that can let you have the same wind as The Hunger Games. So, look at the above-mentioned options to feel the same experience with your family and friends. Apart from that, you can watch these movies for particular genre choice purposes as well, such as thriller, action, adventure and sci-fi.