10 Best Alien Movies That You Cannot Forget

best alien movies
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You are sleeping peacefully and suddenly hear a sound and open your eyes to see what is happening outside. But find that the place you were sleeping is no longer your lovely house. Then how will you feel? Devastated, right? This type of situation comes in cinema, especially when you are watching alien-oriented movies. However, not all alien films are excellent and valuable enough to give you precious time. So, we have compiled a list to provide you with the best alien movies you can enjoy anytime. Also, these movies are classic to their taste, so enjoy them with your family and friends. 

Best Alien Movies to Watch at Home

Aliens and their instinct always irritate us, maybe because the moviemakers made them that way. But it does not mean that all movies taste the same. Even in the world of aliens, different films have different tastes and categories to describe them. Some of them are made for fun purposes, and on the other hand, some movies never let you smile. So, we will experience the different tastes of 10 different kinds of films in this section.

Predator (1987)

Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of those Hollywood actors, who got loved by almost all kinds of fanbase. He has done so many movies and received many titles through them. However, movies like Predator are still counted as the best alien movies from his bucket of successful movies. Arnold did everything to amaze us in this movie, and his acting is undoubtedly impressive. As viewers, we still like to watch this masterpiece at any time. 

predator 1987
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Predator is a movie where an alien comes to the Earth to hunt humans to survive in their wasteland. But unfortunately, Arnold with his other teammates gathered to take this monster skull out of his head. The movie never lets you feel bored, thanks to its fantastic storyline and a bit of a high technology-oriented concept. Classic and famous actors, such as Carl Weathers, make it the most exciting movie ever.

War of the Worlds (2005)

In 2005, the movie “War of the Worlds” came and raised the hype of one of the most popular actors in Hollywood. Tom Cruise was mainly planning to skip the movie, but thanks to him that he finally decided to do that and gave us such a masterpiece that we can never forget. 

Steven Spielberg decided to make this version of the movie with a star cast, Dakota Fanning and Tom Cruise. The film got a good response and became a blockbuster, and there is no doubt how it happened. 

best alien movies
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The story revolves around the alien invasion, and now you, as a hero, have to save the world. From start to end, the movie has everything which never lets you leave your seat. The story, the cast, the animation, the action, everything is good, especially if you are searching for an epic movie, then here is a good option for you.

Avatar (2009)

When we talk about the highest-grossing movies of all time, how can we forget the “Avatar”? The film has so many things to tell, but the visual and cinematic animation is still on the top. Thanks to James Cameron, who focused not only on the story and cast but also on visual and cinematic effects as well to give us real-life alien experiences.

avatar 2009
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From the collection of other versions of Avatar, this one is included in the best alien movies of all time. That is because of maintaining originality and providing a unique concept in front of viewers. The film is loved by the audience, and they praised James for giving us such an epic alien movie. 

Alien (1979)

Have you ever heard about the movie “Alien?” In 1979, the “Alien” movie came under the direction of Ridley Scott, which left the audience speechless. There is no doubt that this movie left an unspeakable impression on viewers because of the horror, drama, thriller, sci-fi, and many more. All these themes are the basic concept of designing the storyline of this movie. Also, Ridley Scott focused on developing the particular character’s impact throughout the film.

best alien movies
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Alien comes in those kinds of movies which will never let you sit with ease. The scary scenes with good quality animation, aliens’ fear among humans, and suspense behind all the plot twists never let you relax a bit. So, if you want to experience something like this, then watch the “Alien” movie. 

The Suicide Squad (2021)

Do you like the vibe of Harley Quinn? Then you should watch The Suicide Squad, which has many things to speak about. But the most important thing we should talk about is the star cast, like Margot Robbie, Sylvester Stallone, John Cena, and Idris Elba. All famous faces are in just one frame; it’s like a dream for most of us. But there are other things too, which make this movie one of the best alien movies. 

the suicide squad 2021
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The storyline used to kill aliens from other worlds with the help of supervillains is kind of cool. The cinematic action scenes, unbeatable picture quality, and animation are used to give creepy aliens. These are some of the noticeable factors which make it a wholesome movie. But if you like violent, thriller, and action scenes, then this movie must be included in your favorite list.

Signs (2002)

In 2002, Signs came to knock on the door of those people who like horror, suspense, and mystery kind of touch in alien movies. This movie is a complete package of horror, and all thanks go to M. Night Shyamalan gives us goosebumps. During the whole film, there is not a single time you sit comfortably because the scenes never let you feel relaxed. That became possible because of two extraordinary actors, Joaquin Phoenix, and Mel Gibson, who put effort into making every scene real.

best alien movies
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Generally, the movie revolves around the mysterious creatures that come from the other world. But they use crop fields to hide their presence even among humans. That is why they select a farmer’s farm to set their crop field. However, Phoenix and Gibson did not know that something mysterious like this already took place at their home place. From then on, the movie starts to go through ups and downs with unexpected horror scenes.

Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)

If you are in search of a place where you find aliens only, then Guardian of the Galaxy is your cup of tea. This movie is full of epic aliens with superpowers, incredible animation, a fantastic star cast, and an exceptional storyline. Apart from that, Star-Lord (Chris Pratt) is the only one who looks like a human, other than him, who looks like an alien in the universe of Guardians of the Galaxy. That is because his base origin is human.

Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)
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Unlike other alien movies, Guardians of the Galaxy is full of humor, comedy, action, drama, and some sort of romance. But the most notable thing you will find in this movie is the comedy of humour. It is practically not considered in the film, especially when it revolves around aliens. So, it’s the best time for you to experience this humor with funny aliens and unbeatable fight scenes. Otherwise, you will miss the chance to learn about one of the best alien movies from the Marvel Universe.

Venom (2018)

A movie that has left a good impression about the aliens, especially when the main alien is the hero of this movie. In 2018, Tom Hardy gave us “Venom,” which is still one of the highest-grossing movies of all time. That is not because of one or two reasons but because of multiple reasons that we cannot count on our fingers.

Venom is the titular alien character of the movie, which comes to Earth in John Jameson’s shuttle with other alien symbiotes. He and the other symbiotes were collected as sample objects for research purposes from Gorr’s Homeworld. But unfortunately, Venom got a chance to flee and bonded with Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy). From then on, he and Eddie started to amaze us with their collective minds even when they had opposite personalities.

best alien movies
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If you want to experience action, thriller, comedy, romance, and almost all kinds of elements in just one movie frame, then watch this otherworldly alien movie. It is because you will love the cinematic effects, the unique appearance of particular and undoubtful plot twists. That makes you sure why Venom is included in one of the best alien movies. 

Men In Black (1997)

One of the masterpieces from the Will Smith collection, which we cannot forget even when we want to. That’s what makes “Men In Black” unique. But the movie is incomplete without Tommy Lee Jones, who played an impactful plus memorable role. Both the actors did justice with the storyline and showed us how chemistry should be between two comical characters.

The story revolves around two fake agents from a fake organization who take down aliens from other worlds. Generally, those aliens aim to kill and destroy the existence of the human world. So, someone has to save the world, and that is where our “Men In Black” comes to spoil them.

Men In Black (1997)
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If you like drama, comedy, sci-fi, and thriller with a mixture of aliens, then this movie is a must-have option for you. The vibe in the film and the unimaginable weapons leave you in a confused state. So, start your alien journey with Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones. 

Transformers (2007)

Transformers are one of those franchises that never get old with time, even though there are already new sequels available. And you never get disappointed, thanks to Transformers (a special kind of robot who came from another world to save Earth). These robots can fight, change or transfer into vehicles and even survive in hot and cold places. 

best alien movies
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In short, they are not only robots but a unique alien who can do almost all kinds of activities. You cannot even imagine what their limit is. So, let yourself experience the limits of these aliens in their own way. Otherwise, you will miss one of the all-time best alien movies from the Transformers Universe. 


Here are the ten best alien movies that you cannot forget even when you want to. So, give your precious time to watch these movies one by one and experience the uniqueness of each one. Apart from that, you will learn something new about the aliens through these movies. Some movies like Venom and Guardians of the Galaxy give you a lesson on how aliens can become your friends and foe. On the other hand, in films like Predator where you learn about how killing an alien becomes a hectic task for super-strong soldiers. So, enjoy your time by becoming a part of these epic alien movies and let yourself guard down at least once.