Top 5 Apps To Watch Live Cricket Streaming On Your Smartphones


In India cricket is not just a game it is a religion for the cricket lover. Cricket fever started in India as soon as any cricket series is announced specially for their favorite team viz “Team India”. Why not the Indian cricket team is the world’s best team that has the best and professional player that performs very well under strong leadership. 

There was a time when people watches Indian Vs Pakistan match in a group, people even might know the score with random guys. Tea or barbershop even discussed the on-going match. At that time television can not be afforded by everyone so, people used to make a group and started to watch cricket matches either someone in the neighborhood having a television or outside the shop having T.V. With the passage of time cricket was losing its priority as the 50 overs format was too long to see the result but all changed with the introduction of T-20 cricket which is a very exciting format to witness. And with the introduction of various T-20 cricket leagues, the love for cricket inside people regains.

With the change in the latest technology trend families now can afford the latest television and smartphones. These days smartphones are advanced and have powerful processors in them at affordable prices, but we cannot deny the fact that Internet reach in India has had a boom all thanks to “Jio”. 

Life in most of the cities in India has become fast-paced with people having less time to spend on television. Mobile apps are now becoming an integral part of their daily based activities. Cricket streaming is best when checking for the live cricket score or lives cricket streaming on the go. When you are busy in the office or do not have time to watch your favorite cricket match these cricket streaming apps come as a savior. Below are the top 5 live cricket streaming apps for your smartphone.


When it comes to mobile streaming apps Cricbuzz is one of the most installed and positive rated apps on Playstore. We cannot ignore the Cricbuzz as it offers live cricket streaming as well as the cricket score. With its push to the notification, you will be updated with the latest cricket news and updates. Cricbuzz is available for both Android and iOS versions that have several languages.

Cricbuzz Features

  • Number 1 live cricket streaming and scoreboard app.
  • Available in several different languages.
  • Latest cricket news and updates.
  • Free for both Android and iOS devices.
  • Downloaded on millions of smartphones.

Hotstar TV App

This app has several TV channels including a sports streaming channel. Other than the sports channel Hotstar TV App is loaded with other entertainment channels. Web series and movies can be watched anytime or anywhere. Most of the stuff in it is free to watch but for premium content, some subscription fee is needed. 

Hotstar TV App Features

  • Best and easy interface to use.
  • Free to Download on both Android and iOS platforms.
  • Most of the stuff is free.
  • Enjoy live sports streaming.

Sony LIV

We usually use this app to see the comedy show that the sony entertainment channel has to offer for its users. Also, this is the best app to watch live streaming of India’s largest cricket league (IPL) which has a lot of fan following. When you have very low data speed, the Sony LIV app works very smoothly without giving you a headache. It also has numerous television shows which can be watched to pass time when you are getting bored. 

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Sony LIV Features

  • Works smoothly on Low data speed.
  • Sony is a renowned name in Indian television.
  • Lots of free sony television shows.
  • Get 24×7 entertainment on the go.

Tata Sky Mobile

Who does not love to have more than 600 channels on their smartphone, you heard it right Tata Sky mobile offers more than 600 channels. If you are an existing customer of Tata Sky then just login to the app and enjoy your subscribed channels. You can enjoy your favorite cricket match anytime in the Tata Sky Mobile app with a live recording feature in it. 

Tata Sky Mobile Features

  • Offers more than 600 channels.
  • Free for both the platforms.
  • Watch all your Tata sky subscribed channels.
  • On-Demand movie feature.

ESPN Cricinfo

For the breaking stories, latest cricket updates, and latest Cricket scores the official ESPN Cricinfo app for your smartphone is the perfect option to have. If you are looking for the best audio and video experience while watching a live streaming cricket match ESPN Cricinfo is the best choice. Check for the player’s statistics and data on the app while watching the cricket match. 

ESPN Cricinfo Features

  • Cricket stories on your smartphone.
  • Players/team statistics and data.
  • Ball by ball written commentary.
  • Latest match schedules.


With the above list of the top 5 apps to watch live cricket streaming on your smartphones, you can enjoy your favorite cricket match anytime and anywhere. While you are commuting or in the office environment of the office, these are perfect for live cricket streaming apps. Live cricket scores can be shared with friends as these apps are integrated with social media.