4 Reasons to Go On Vacation in Dubai


When we talk about travelling to exotic destinations while also offering luxury to its visitors, Dubai is one of the most recommended places to visit. Tourists like Dubai because it´s full of beautiful skyscrapers, state of the art buildings, lovely beaches, sand dunes and fabulous all-inclusive accommodation options. A city that once arose from the desert is now one of most visited places on Earth.

Tallest Building in the World

Architecture in Dubai is developing at the speed of a light year, thanks to world-renowned architects who come to the United Arab Emirates to carry out their wildest dreams. Indeed, the desert has become an architectural paradise in which the tallest buildings in the world, of unimaginable shapes, are being built day and night. In Dubai, a skyscraper “sprouts” literally overnight. The tallest building in the world is the Burj Khalifa (160 floors), and it is not in Tokyo, New York or Singapore, but in Dubai. On the other hand, a lot of work has been done in recent years to build floating houses, so that the owners can enjoy the view of the colorful sea world. In Dubai, on an artificially made “island”, there is a hotel, with seven stars – Burj Al Arab. Furthermore, in famous shopping malls there is no brand that you will not be able to find, and along the way you can feed a shark or skate on ice.

Desert and Water Slides

When you get tired from the traffic, the tallest buildings and the biggest shopping malls, you can go on a desert safari. Tours with camels through the desert are organized daily. In order to have a complete experience of this magical Muslim environment, try to dine at sunset, on the sand next to the camel. There are rumors that night parties in the desert are another unforgettable experience. Furthermore, the truth is that people, in addition to shopping malls, spend most of their time in huge water parks that are designed to push the boundaries of imagination when it comes to swimming, jumping and having fun. So, if you like water stunts, there is the Wild Wadi water park, and if you want to watch dolphin stunts, there is a park inspired by the legend of Atlantis. The mentioned park has an aquarium with about 65,000 species of fish.

Amazing Food Variety

Believe it or not, you can eat in Dubai for less money than in most European cities. If you like Japanese cuisine, in some sushi bars you can eat as much sushi as possible all day for 20 euros. So, you can take a bus and spend the whole day lounging at the bar and eating sushi. As Dubai is a cosmopolitan and multinational environment (20 percent of the total population is Arab, the rest are guest workers), you will find every cuisine, from Indian, French to American or Chinese. Price range varies, and so does the flavour. In any case, you will not go hungry or spend a fortune on food.

Guaranteed Safety and Hospitality

If we put luxury and attractiveness aside, Dubai would not survive, nor be the first on the list of many tourists, if it was not a city with zero crime rate, and with hospitality at the highest possible level. Many will say that it is easy to achieve all that with the capital that the Arabs have, but a lot of that came from their tradition and culture. Dubai is definitely the most vibrant desert city in the world, and it would be a shame not to give in to it for at least a week. It is a world-famous oasis for those who want to earn well in the profession, it is tax-free, and regardless of the cultural differences, it is quite adapted to the Western way of living. The people from Dubai are positive, hard-working, and laid-back people, and among them you will surely find friends for life. Entertainment is a big part of their culture and even though they work hard, they certainly find the time to relax and entrain themselves. For instance, online casinos UAE has a famous guide to UAE´s best and safest online casinos. You will find all the information on games guides, payment method information, live dealer casino games, VIP perks and bonuses, and so much more.

In conclusion, the best period to visit Dubai is from June to September if you love the sun and the heat, and for those who like to breathe with full lungs, there are the remaining months.