16 Best YouTube Documentaries For Binge-Watching

best youtube documentaries
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The original “actuality films” (or documentaries) were only a minute long. The length and variety of documentaries have expanded over time. In the realms of education, observation, and documentary writing, to name a few.

Some of the best YouTube documentaries are mentioned below. So connect today to have a look at your binge-watching

Given their depth of coverage, documentaries can serve as valuable classroom tools for introducing students to new topics and ideas. Those who make documentaries are responsible for fairly representing their views in their work without misrepresenting the truth. 

Amazing Best YouTube Documentaries To Watch

Here is a collection of the finest documentaries like the best true crime YouTube documentaries available on YouTube for those who are so inclined.

  1. 13th

Filmmaker Ava DuVernay investigates the origins of racial inequality in the United States, focusing on the disproportionate number of African-American prisoners.

2. The White Helmets

best YouTube documentaries
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Amid the chaos and carnage in Turkey and Syria, selfless rescuers risked their lives to save civilians.

3. American Dream: A Requiem

Scholar and novelist Noam Chomsky outline 10 principles of concentrated wealth and power that have led to unprecedented inequality and the decline of the middle class in the United States.

4. Fed Up

Fed up is one of the Best YouTube Documentaries 2014. Katie Couric and Stephanie Soechtig, two reporters, doing a deep dive into the food industry in the United States, wonder if there are more cases of illness than was previously supposed.

5. Child of Rage

In 1990, HBO followed a little girl named Beth Thomas, whose adoptive parents were at a loss regarding how to deal with her violent and unpredictable conduct.

Child of Rage isn’t seen, and there will be times when you want to turn it off because of the apparent threat she poses to them, her sibling, and herself. 

However, it is one of the best-known illustrations of how people’s experiences in the past can shape their present-day actions, leading to generalizations about them as potential threats to society.

6. Living on One Dollar

Four friends try out an experiment in extreme poverty in a rural Guatemala region, living off only $1 per day while fending off disease, parasites, and hunger. For this one of a kind Best YouTube Documentaries, you can check the free option to enjoy your watch time at an engaging pace. 

7. The September Issue

R. J. Cutler’s documentary follows the legendary ‘Vogue’ editor as she puts together the September 2007 issue. It’s the magazine’s biggest and most important issue ever, clocking in at an unprecedented 840 pages and ushering in the season’s most anticipated trends. With her trademark bob and ever-present dark glasses, Wintour, who oversees each page, portrays herself as a powerful lady who knows exactly what her readers want.

8. Citizenfour

best YouTube documentaries
Image Credit: India TV News

Following Laura Poitras’s receipt of encrypted emails from an individual familiar with the government’s broad covert surveillance programs, she and journalist Glenn Greenwald traveled to Hong Kong to meet the sender, who turned out to be Edward Snowden. You won’t find a better documentary on YouTube than this.

9. With Great Power: The Stan Lee Story

Sean Astin, Tobey Maguire, Roger Corman, Frank Miller, and others talk about Stan Lee, who helped create more than 500 characters. You must watch it as it is one of the Best YouTube Documentaries for Families to enjoy time together. 

10. Our Planet 

This epic video examines the effects of climate change on all forms of life on Earth, revealing the wonders of nature along the way.

11. A Certain Kind of Death 

This film looks into the practice of cremation and burial for those who have no known relatives or acquaintances to care for their remains. It achieves so by showing graphic scenes of corpses being worked on and featuring conversations with mortuary workers in Los Angeles County who bravely face death daily.

 The film shows in gruesome detail how bodies are discovered and processed at the coroner’s office, and it also shows what happens to a person’s belongings and how they are cremated after their death.

12. This is the Zodiac Speaking

There has been no satisfactory explanation for who committed seven killings in California between December 1968 and October 1969, making the Zodiac Killer one of the most notorious and widely publicized unsolved homicides in United States history.

This is the Zodiac Speaking takes an objective approach, letting the viewer draw their conclusions, whereas other Best YouTube Documentaries try to pin the blame on specific people.

13. Madness in the Fast Lane

Two years after BBC cameras caught two sisters throwing themselves in front of oncoming trucks on a motorway, this documentary tells the whole and even more horrific story of what happened in the next 72 hours. In 2008, two Swedish sisters were caught on camera driving toward oncoming traffic on the M6.

14. Capturing the Friedmans 

best YouTube documentaries
Image Credit: The Guardian

While researching for his documentary about children’s birthday party performers, Andrew Jarecki learned that one of his subjects, professional clown David Friedman, was the brother and son of two men convicted of child sex abuse in a high-profile case from the 1980s.

Through the use of home movies shot by the Friedman family before and during the trial and new interviews, Jarecki analyses the conflicting testimonies of the accused, the purported victims, and the investigators.

15. Wisconsin Death Trip

Let’s talk about the best YouTube documentaries true crime scenarios to go ahead with the exciting thrill part. In the nineteenth century’s final decades, Black River Falls’s small town is rocked by disturbing, macabre, and peculiar occurrences. 

It’s possible that the town’s economic woes or the severe Wisconsin environment are to blame for the scourge of murder, fire, insanity, disease, and suicide that has befallen the cursed residents. 

This film, both a dramatization and an investigation into the town’s newspaper archives, brings back the specters of Black River Falls with its dark visuals and recreations of the town’s scandalous news items. 

16. The Family that Walks on All Fours

American paleoanthropologists believe their skeletons could reveal crucial clues about human evolution, whereas a Turkish neurophysiologist considers them total genetic outliers.

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