What are the advantages of using Telegram?

What are the advantages of using Telegram?
What are the advantages of using Telegram?

If you’re thinking about switching from WhatsApp or any other messaging app to Telegram, then it’s important to know what advantages Telegram offers over its competitors. This will help you understand how Telegram is different from WhatsApp and why it might be a better choice for you.

Telegram Messenger is no longer an unknown app–against WhatsApp, it is gaining more and more users in the messenger/chatting app market. While WhatsApp has lenghty been the correct leader and virtually unrivalled, Telegram has become decreased popular lately.

Telegram is Cross-platform

Yes, WhatsApp is available for Android and iOS phones as an app, as well as on the Web browser. However, טלגראס קישור has some advantages over WhatsApp. Telegram is cross-platform, so it works on Linux, Windows, macOS, and even Windows smartphones. So no matter what popular platform you’re using, Telegram will always be there to connect you with your loved ones.

Open Source

Cloaking its server-side source code, Telegram presents itself as an open-source app while only allowing access to its client-side code. This lack of full transparency creates limitations for developers seeking to create independent apps using the Telegram API – their apps will be subject to the same servers, accounts, and data as the original Telegram app.

If you create a messaging client app using Telegram’s open source code, then you must publish the source code on Github as per their license. Overall, open-source doesn’t sound that great, perhaps if someone wants to create something better for their own or friends usage then it is an option. If you wanted to use your own client app with Telegram.

Account Self Destruction

With Telegram, you can create an account using your phone number, similar to WhatsApp or other instant messaging apps. For verification, it uses an SMS.  You can delete your account at any time and all data will be stored on Telegram servers. However, there is one more interesting option known as Self Destruction. With this option, the app will automatically delete your account and associated data in a given amount of time.

The great thing about Telegram is that if you delete the app or lose your phone, your account will automatically be deleted from the Telegram servers after a pre-defined period of time. This period can be 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, or 1 year.

Telegram Cloud-based messages

The cloud-based messaging feature is one of the best things about Telegram, in my opinion. With Telegram, your media files and data are stored on secure cloud servers, rather than on your local storage. This frees up space on your phone, and ensures that your data is backed up and secure.

Add People Nearby without phone number

We’ve all been there – you want to add someone on your Instant messenger but you have to add their number into your phone’s contact book first and then refresh the app to send a message. This can be annoying, especially if you don’t know the person and just want to send a one-time message. Luckily, Telegram can save us from all this hassle by simply allowing us to add them to our chat list using GPS.