What Shoes Should I Buy If I Plan To Run A Marathon?



The preparation for your marathon race is of utmost importance, and choosing the best shoe that fits this purpose shouldn’t be neglected. A marathon race is about 26.2 miles or 42.2km. This means that you need a pair of shoes such as Mens Nike Air Max 1 that will last long.

This is not a time to consider the price budget of a shoe but its comfort and durability. You need at least two pairs of shoes that will cover up to 500 miles each.

Best Marathon running shoes in 2021

A great marathon shoe will help you enjoy your race; whether you are a new runner who needs a comfortable pair for your training and the race itself or you are a frequent runner already, Consider these marathon shoes.

·   Brooks Glycerin 19- Most Comfortable Marathon Shoe

Glycerin 19 gives you an appealing plush feel; it is not meant for speed running. Since the marathon is not about speedrunning and finishing time focused. It’s a good option to run in. The collar and tongue are padded, giving you extreme comfort and its loft cushioning is very strong. If you want a shoe that will give you the joy to run any distance, go for Glycerin 19.

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·   New Balance Fresh Foam 1080v11- Best Marathon Shoe For First-Timers

Comfort is an essential quality you need if you are planning to run your first marathon. Fresh foam 1080v11 provides you such comfort. It can handle many miles of training and the actual race. More than the comfort, It is light weighted and comes with a spring in the sole that helps you pick up the pace when engaging in faster sessions.

·   Hoka One Mach 4- Best Value Marathon Running Shoe

 Mach 4 is an all-round shoe that matches the right balance of softness with speed. It can serve for both your long and easy runs. The weight is light and can help you speed up the pace while still protecting your body from the impact.

·   Puma Velocity Nitro- Best Marathon Shoe

Nitro gives value to different runners; It comes with Nitro foam that is soft enough to cover many miles. It is light weighted and responds to fast training and racing. The outsole is built to last and protects your feet against the race impact.

·   Adidas Adizero Adios Pro- Best Alphafly Alternative

The midsoleshoe’s midsole with five carbon-infused energy rods and a nylon plate, which improves stability. It has a soft and springy cushioning, which gives you a smooth ride. It costs lesser than the Alphafly and Vaporfly shoes, which give a similar level of performance.

Do You Need New Shoes For Your Marathon Race?

During your training, you should be changing your shoes from time to time.  Let’s say from every 300-500 miles. It is never advised to run in shoes that are worn out. Nonetheless, you do not need to wear a new shoe on the race day; this means that you should set aside a shoe that has worn a little bit for the race day during your training. You can wear them on one or two long training days before setting them apart for the main day.

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The shoes you buy for your marathon race is important to you, and you wouldn’t want to take such a long ride in uncomfortable shoes. Therefore consider some of these shoes and other factors to choose the best shoe for your race.