The sustainable wallet that will be your perfect keychain


Currently, thousands of companies have dedicated themselves to doing everything possible to reduce the environmental impact to continue supporting. One of them is Paprcuts, the company dedicated to making the most sustainable handbags that will be part of your life. There is even a model that fits on your keychain.

There is nothing more comfortable than going for a walk with your friends and taking as little as possible with you: your cell phone, a wallet and your keys. So Paprcuts created a model that meets these needs.

RFID PRO is the wallet that will not only keep your money and all your necessary identification, but also has an extension that you can add to your keychain and only carry your most important card.

At first glance, it looks like a normal wallet with compartments for bills, cards, as well as an internal purse with strong magnets to carry all the coins you need and prevent them from falling out.

It also has an extension that you can keep there or remove. This is an option for when you don’t want to carry anything other than an ID or a credit card, since it has a ring that you can put on your backpack, or on your keychain and avoid carrying the rest.

The wallets are made of a resistant material such as Tyvek, which means miraculous and is completely innovative. This is a water-resistant plastic fiber that closely resembles paper, is thin and robust like leather.

The best thing is that it can be printed and sewn, plus it is made with plastic fibers, which makes it 100 percent recyclable. On the other hand, there is Coronet, a vegan leather that is of vegetable origin: the main ingredient comes from corn and 50% of the organic matter comes from renewable sources.

They also feature organic cotton, cork and Texon. The latter is a latex-impregnated cellulose material, which gives the appearance of animal leather. There are different models for all personalities, ages and people.

You can buy these wallets directly at Iban Wallet and without a doubt, it will be the best investment to have your money on hand. Do not think twice and buy one of these products.