Care and Maintenance of the Spanish Water Dog

Purebred Spanish Water dog on lawn.

Do you have any interest in a Spanish Water Dog? A distinctive feature of these adorable puppies is their curly fur and playful nature. The breed is more than just its appearance. Find out how the Spanish Water Dog should be cared for and maintained. 

What is Spanish Water Dog? 

Spanish Water Dogs, also known as “Perros de Agua Espaols” are medium-sized dogs that have their origins in Spain. This breed is characterized by a distinctive curly or wavy coat and an athletic build. 

Origin and History

Spanish Water Dogs have a long history in coastal regions of Spain, where they served as a vital part of the society. The majority of these dogs were employed as versatile workers, assisting fishermen in the capture of fish, the retrieval of lost tackle, and even delivering messages between boats. Their webbed feet and innate ability to swim made this task possible.

Appearance and Coat

The Spanish Water Dog is unique and striking in that it has a dense, curly, or wavy coat that acts as a form of protection against the elements. To maintain the distinctive texture of their coat, it is necessary to groom it regularly to prevent matting. These coats are available in various colors, such as black, brown, beige, and white.

Temperament and Personality

The Spanish Water Dog is an ideal companion for anyone seeking affection and loyalty. They are highly intelligent and eager to please their owners, making them extremely trainable. Also, their lively and energetic nature ensures that they are always ready for an adventure, making them ideal for active individuals and families as well.

Trainability and Intelligence

One of the best qualities of the Spanish Water Dog is its intelligence and trainability. This breed thrives on mental stimulation and enjoys learning new commands and tasks. Dog sports such as obedience, agility, and tracking are highly favored by their ability to solve problems and adapt quickly to various environments.

Spanish Water Dog in Different Working Roles

Spanish Water Dogs are not only delightful family pets, but they have also served as reliable working dogs throughout history. Because of their versatility and remarkable skill set, they are ideally suited for a variety of working roles. The following are a few examples of roles where the Spanish Water Dog excels.

Search and Rescue:

Spanish Water Dogs are often employed in search and rescue operations due to their excellent scenting abilities and agility. They are capable of navigating complicated terrain and locating missing individuals with accuracy.

Therapy Dog:

The gentle and friendly nature of Spanish Water Dogs makes them exceptional therapy dogs. They provide comfort and joy to hospital patients and residents and bring them a sense of well-being.


Their agility, and ability to predict and respond to commands make them an invaluable asset on farms and ranches. Spanish Water Dogs possess a natural herding instinct and excel at working with livestock.

Competitive Dog Sports:

Dog sports commonly played by Spanish Water Dogs include obedience, agility, flyball, and dock diving due to their athleticism and eagerness to please their owners.

Care and Maintenance of the Spanish Water Dog


Your Spanish Water Dog needs to consume a balanced and nutritious diet to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. It is recommended that your Spanish Water Dog be fed high-quality dog food appropriate for their size, age, and activity level. Consult your veterinarian for recommendations on the best diet plan for your dog. To prevent obesity, ensure the dog has fresh water at all times and monitors his or her weight.


The Spanish Water Dog is an active breed that requires regular exercise to stay healthy and happy. It is recommended to provide them with opportunities for both physical and mental stimulation daily.

Veterinary Care:

Your Spanish Water Dog needs regular veterinary checks to monitor its health and to prevent potential problems. Your veterinarian should be consulted as soon as possible if you observe any changes in their behavior, appetite, or physical condition. Schedule routine vaccinations, parasite prevention (fleas, ticks, and heartworm), and annual wellness exams.

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1. Do Spanish Water Dogs get along with children and other pets?

There is no doubt that the Spanish Water Dog is a wonderful, obedient family dog. Due to its heritage as a herder, this dog will even attempt to herd the kids. Socialization with other animals and humans early in life will help prevent overprotective behavior.

2. How much exercise do Spanish Water Dogs require?

A Spanish Water Dog is an active breed that will require daily exercise to maintain a healthy mind and body. They require approximately an hour of exercise per day, which can include long walks, playtime with other dogs, and taking part in dog sports.

3. What is the lifespan of a Spanish Water Dog?

There are 10 to 14 years of life expectancy for the Spanish Water Dog.


The Spanish Water Dog is a highly intelligent, energetic, affectionate breed that has been used by fishermen and shepherds in Spain for centuries. They are extremely intelligent, energetic, and affectionate dogs with a strong work ethic. 

It is a great companion for households with active members and excels at agility, obedience, and herding, among other activities. Spanish Water Dogs can be devoted family pets when properly trained and socialized. They will bring joy and companionship to their human owners.