Factors to Consider When Outsourcing Graphic Design

Graphic Design

A creative presence that distinguishes you from your competitors promotes value, and resonates with your market, is essential for the success of any marketing plan. Without quality graphic design, you will have directionless social media and marketing plans. With it, existing and potential customers experience the history and ethos of your company with just a glance.

However, graphic design is not just something you can pick up and do nicely; people can distinguish amateur-looking from professional graphics. For this reason, unless you work as a graphic designer, you should outsource graphic design services to a professional. Hiring a graphic designer is easier than ever, but it can get overwhelming, especially if you lack basic knowledge of the skill or trade. Luckily, you don’t have to be an expert for you to outsource successfully. The following are factors to consider while sorting through the field of available talent.


A good graphic designer knows to draw and draught, but beyond that, they must conjure up your business’s essence and philosophy. It is vital to look for diverse work experience. Consider designers who have worked with design studios or ad agencies since usually, they have served a variety of clients and are generally time-efficient.

On the other hand, designers who have worked with in-house corporate communication teams are likely to be skilled across more disciplines and are sensitive to budgetary constraints. Any of the two designers can be great to work with. But if you can find one person with both histories, you will have the best each offer.

While experience is essential, you should be clear about what you want and expect from the designer.


When looking for a graphic designer to outsource your services, look deeper into their online portfolio. Doing so allows you to tell whether they are experienced or not. A sign that little work or items are done in one style might indicate inexperience. Consider graphic designers who present different projects for various industries or companies. Ensure they have worked for businesses like yours and their strengths sync with your immediate and future needs. If you are looking for a web designer and most of their work is logos, they might not be what you need. In the same way, a designer who specializes in cutting-edge youth culture may not be the right for a traditional company.

Client testimonials and reviews

A good graphic designer should have a list of testimonials from previous clients or customers. Nothing promotes and establishes business trust better than good word of mouth. Most graphic designers have a web page of testimonials; this shows that they have satisfied customers willing to go on record sharing their experiences. But look closely at the type of comments and establish if they are all the same or if they offer insights into the experienced they have had. You can go further and contact some of their clients and ask about their experience working with the designer.


If you are hiring a local graphic designer, they should be willing to meet you in person to discuss your needs, and so should you. A lot can be learned from a face-to-face discussion beyond the project. When going into this, it is vital to understand that the relationship you seek is critical to your communications effort’s success. Also, understanding your product or service, industry, audience, and competition is vital. Furthermore, besides being appropriate, reflecting your personality, attitude, and style in work brings you actual ownership. For that, accessibility, transparent communications, and, often, proximity are required.

Value versus billing rates

When money is no object, you can easily hire the most expensive designer and pay for multiple graphic revisions without making a dent. However, the truth is most of us are small business owners with limited budgets and don’t have the luxury of testing out a bunch of different designers. Therefore, to avoid spending a lot of money, we must get it right first.

So, research the service rates for professional graphic designers and determine a realistic budget before contacting anyone. When evaluating fees, maintain the proper perspective, and understand and appreciate the value of services you seek. Most people quickly pay the auto mechanic or furnace repairman a reasonable amount per hour. Yet, nobody can dispute that the public face of your brand is less important.

Having a great graphic designer will help you take your business to the next level. Using the above outsourcing tips is an excellent way to get started.