Six Ways to Motivate Employees in an Organization


Are you looking for tips to motivate your employees? Monetary incentives are not always the only prerequisite to motivate employees in an organization. As a business owner, start looking for unique ways beyond financial offerings. Beyond money, employees are motivated by intrinsic factors that recognize their hard work and appreciate their contribution. 

The best part about these motivators is that they don’t hurt your pocket. You can easily work in your employees headspace and find the best motivating tip for them. We have covered 6 distinct ways to help you get your team structured on this motivation path without resorting to money. 

Mastery, Autonomy, and Purpose

Everyone yearns to be the best at what they do. Even in an organization, an employee searches for opportunities that allow them to bring out their best. Provide them with such opportunities to let them excel in their field and know their progress. Give them proper feedback and performance metrics. Create separate development plans for every employee. 

People like having control over their work. You need not possess that bossy attitude. Give your employees an opportunity to make decisions, listen to them and consider their thoughts. In weekly meetings, let the team decide over minor issues. 

Employees in any organization always want to be a part of something big. Their contribution in their respective fields need to have a purpose. Tell them how their work has benefited the organization at several levels. Show them how their work is aligned with different values. 

Offer a Gift/Incentive

A gift is a symbol of appreciation or a signature of recognition in any company. When you gift your employee something out of the blue, they not only like it, but feel a sense of belongingness with the company. You can acquire some corporate gift ideas like an official table stand, St Dupont lighter, a calendar, or a customized gift. 

For incentives, you can directly ask them what rewards they would like to achieve. You can create brainstorming sessions, receive ideas through surveys, or ask them to write in the suggestion box. Once you have everything handy, make clear goals for your employees to strive for. You need to motivate them to participate in every incentive program. 

Make a Community

Human behavior is attracted towards a sense of connectedness. When you build a community within the organization, you are creating a space for your employees where they feel connected to each other not only through the business but personally. Online forums work well, but in-person interaction can never replace any newly developed trend. 

Encourage your employees to have lunch together, engage in discussions, play games, and go for a break. You can throw a party on attaining every milestone to keep the community alive. This also increases an after hour bonding within people in an organization. 

Try to Know Them Personally

Personal touch can do wonders. Even when we are bounded by technology and digital appearances, try to build in-person interactions. Learn about their interests and hobbies, question them about their families, ask if they have any pets, etc. When you build personal connections with your employees, you start ticking their motivation boxes. 

When they feel connected to you, they also develop a connection with the organization. If you show genuine interest in their problems and try to help them out, they will do their best to not let your efforts go in vain. 

Give them Flexibility

Providing flexible work schedules allows employees to maintain a healthy personal and work life balance. Flexibility in working hours is one of the most common needs of every employee. This allows them to meet their personal obligations, give time to their families, and complete their official work timely. 


Appreciation is adored by every human being. Motivation works as a similar factor for every employee. It’s like a booster doze to them that adds them with extra energy to do work timely and efficiently. Some of these ways include flexible work time, individual development, growth and advancement.