Mobile signal booster: Boost your 4G or 5G mobile network via a GSM amplifier


Despite the rapid development of mobile telecommunications and an ever-expanding network coverage, some parts of the territory do not have satisfactory access to the network. In the countryside as in the city, the quality of the signal remains a major challenge, not only for the comfort of individuals but also for socio-economic development. 


The BT signal booster is the ideal solution when faced with poor mobile network reception. It allows you to improve the range and strength of the signal and make the most of your mobile plan. We also talk about 5G repeaters because they most often work on 4G, 3G, 2G frequency bands. 


So, what is the main function of this little device? When to use it? And how to choose it? Let’s discover together all the usefulness of the mobile signal booster.

What is a mobile signal booster?

The mobile signal booster, as its name suggests, is a device designed to strengthen and amplify the range of the mobile signal, so as to extend, before the deployment of 5G, the 3G and 4G coverage offered by the main mobile operators on the market. Compatible with the majority of frequency bands (900-1800 MHz for phone calls, 900-2100 MHz for 3G, 800-18 002 600 MHz for 4G, …), the signal booster for bt allows you to make free use of your smartphone, without restrictions or risk of untimely cuts in places where cellular communication is of poor quality. 


It is therefore mainly recommended for individuals, local authorities, and companies located in urban and rural areas for which network coverage is still low, or is made weak due to various obstacles. The objective remains, in fact, to allow everyone to stay connected and/or to be reachable, and this at any time.


A 5G signal booster for bt has three main components:


  • An external antenna is installed on the roof or on the front, so as to receive the mobile signal optimally. Depending on the intended use, these antennas can be unidirectional or omnidirectional (used in all directions).


  • An internal antenna that is placed inside the building or house. This is housed directly within a box installed on a wall or on the ceiling of a room. In order to meet safety standards, its signal is much weaker than that of the external antenna.


  • A network amplification box, also installed indoors, which connects the two antennas via a coaxial cable. It is this element that defines the characteristics of the amplified signal (target frequency bands, power, coverage).


For most models, for example by UCtel, the mobile signal booster covers a radius of about 35 kilometers. In addition to its primary function, the network amplifier also improves the efficiency and performance of mobile equipment, while extending battery life and limiting the radiation produced by the phone.

What are the most common scenarios?

It is a fact that, despite considerable progress in this area, certain specific areas of the national territory do not have sufficient network coverage, which has consequences in particular on the quality of communications and Internet performance. Contrary to popular belief, it is not only rural, remote, and difficult-to-access areas, whose conditions do not allow the installation of a relay antenna. In the middle of the city, despite a relay antenna nearby, certain factors can also cause failures in the reception and/or transmission of the mobile signal. This is the case, for example, of places located underground, but also of certain buildings, whose surface, topography, thickness, or materials, can prevent the proper circulation of waves and therefore deteriorate the quality of the signal.


Among the most frequent situations where the use of a mobile signal booster is essential, we find:


  • so-called “white” areas (remote countryside, high or medium mountain, open sea, etc.);
  • underground areas (underground car parks, cellars, metro, tunnels, …);
  • supermarkets (offices, shops, supermarkets, etc.), with sometimes thick walls and ceilings;
  • buildings made of treated glass or reinforced concrete. These materials have the property of literally absorbing the waves transmitted by the nearby relay antenna;
  • dwellings and/or commercial premises located on the ground floor of large buildings;
  • places where traffic and demand are particularly high, which can create interference, and therefore saturation of the mobile network.

How to choose your mobile signal booster?

The choice of mobile signal booster depends, first of all, on the frequency that you want to expand according to the purpose. A business premises may need a 4G signal strength boost to send and receive data streams, while a farm may often only need to look for a 2G or 3G signal boost to be able to make calls.


You should guide your choice by knowing the type of network and frequency you want to upgrade to, as well as the carrier you depend on. Indeed, not all operators operate on the same frequency bands. Your service provider’s website allows you to view all mobile antennas in your area and identify those that are close to your home. Many mobile signal boosters, for example, by UCtel, however, have multi-operator compatibility.


Since the 700 MHz and 3500 MHz bands have recently been allocated for 4G and 5G mobile networks, it is difficult to find GSM repeaters compatible with these frequency bands.


In the same way, be sure to choose an amplifier that is well-suited to the size of the building in question. The vast majority of models available on the market offer coverage from 50 m² to 5000 m², which is the difference between one large room and an entire building.


Amplifiers for individual houses are cheaper and have coverage usually limited to 500 m². Booster models for companies are more imposing, but they cover several thousand square meters and their amplification is more efficient. Some boosters are reserved for specific purposes: for mobile vehicles, for ships or aircraft.


We hope this article has given you a better understanding of how a GSM 4G booster works and how to choose a reliable product that meets your needs.