Is It True? Rumor Has It Rolex Has A New Explorer II Model


Have you heard of the Rolex Explorer II in the past? If you’re a watch collector, most likely you have come across rumors that the Rolex company is introducing a new model of the Explorer II collection this 2021. And for any Rolex fans out there, the Explorer II is definitely on the top list of favorites. But what can we expect from the rumored new model? What sets it apart from the older Explorer II models?

You don’t have to rely on rumors anymore though because Rolex has indeed come out with a new version of their Rolex Explorer II. Find out more by reading on.

Why Release a New Version?

There are some features of this new version of the Rolex Explorer II that will interest die-hard fans of the original Explorer II collection. You probably already know that the original collection was introduced to the market in 1971. That’s a long way off in the past but the Rolex company felt it was time to upgrade the collection with this latest version in 2021. The good news is that watch aficionados like yourself can buy your own Rolex Explorer II and see the difference.

Desirable Features of the New Rolex Explorer II

The biggest change in the collection is that this 2021 version has the caliber 3285 movement which was originally introduced in 2018. This movement is a technology owned and patented by Rolex itself. The advantage of the caliber 3285 movement is that the Rolex Explorer II is now more precise and reliable than earlier versions. It is also shock-resistant, resists the influence of magnetic fields, and has long-lasting power reserves.

Another feature that is most desirable is its Superlative Chronometer certification. What this means to laymen encountering it for the first time is that each Rolex Explorer II has undergone testing to make sure it tells the time accurately and precisely. Its rate deviation standard means that every Rolex Explorer II has the “-2/+2” rate deviation. This surpasses even the standards of the Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute. That is why every new Rolex Explorer II now has the words “Superlative Chronometer Officially Certified” on its face. This means anyone who buys the 2021 version can be assured that their Rolex is indeed adhering to the company’s high standards for precision.

Since you might be on the go and might forget what date it is, you will be glad to have your own Rolex Explorer II to refer to. It has the so-called “Cyclops lens” on its face so that you can readily see the date on your watch. This makes it highly desirable for anyone who forgets the date for today because of other concerns.

And do not forget that this Rolex Explorer II is waterproof down to an estimated depth of 330 feet (or 100 meters). This makes it ideal for professionals who have to dive into the ocean to do their work. (The waterproof feature is also beneficial if your 3-year-old toddler gets his hands on your Rolex and dumps it in the bathtub water when you’re not looking). This just proves that the Rolex brand is really worth the investment.

Who Would Benefit From a Rolex Explorer II?

The reason this watch series is so highly prized (and rather pricey compared to other luxury watch brands) is that it is waterproof, sturdy, and can survive much hard usage. Because of this, many professionals whose job requires them to be in extreme occupations would love to have a Rolex Explorer II in their rugged activities. This includes scientists, spelunkers, and volcanologists, actually.

Of course, since the watch is so desirable and carries a huge monetary value, many people who have a high net worth aim to acquire their own Rolex Explorer II. You will find this kind of watch on the wrist of famous people. Of course, they may simply be attracted to the aesthetics of such a timepiece, because a Rolex is usually crafted to the highest aesthetic standards as well. So it’s not just a question of functionality. It’s a presentation of beauty at its finest.

When you are a spelunker, scientist, or volcanologist, there may be times when you need to check the time within a dark environment. The luminous dials of the watch will help you to discern time accurately even if you have no light source at the moment. A good example of this is scientists who explore snowy regions in the extreme North. There will be months when there is no daylight to see by, so it pays to have a watch that will show you the precise time when you need it.


Having a Rolex at any time is already a benefit in itself. But if you want the upgraded version of the Rolex Explorer II, the year 2021 is the right time to do that. You just need to head to your preferred merchant and be ready to pay with your card or cash. Then you can take home your purchase and look forward to the first time that you can use it, for work and for leisure.