5 Tips and Tricks to Hydrate Yourself More with Bottled Water


The weather’s warming up again, which means sooner or later, it’ll be summer! Keep yourself hydrated whether it’s snowing, shining, or raining out with our bottled water tips and tricks that will get you to drink more water! Check out the Crystal Beverage Company for customized bottled water that is perfect for your everyday consumption!

Bottled water is made to be a convenient way for you to drink water while you’re up, out, and about. However, some people may find plain water boring or unpalatable, especially those who are used to more flavorful, sugary drinks like juice, soda, and bottled teas. These may taste great and hydrate you as well, but they are unhealthy for you. 

Here are 5 tips that you can do with bottled water to hydrate your body more effectively. Water doesn’t have to be boring, and using bottled water will keep you hydrated on the go! Check out these ideas, and integrate them into your daily routine:

1. Infuse Fruit and Herbs into Your Water

Water tasting bland for you? Try to make things exciting and infuse your drink with fresh fruit and herbs! Add your favorite citrus fruits or berries to your bottled water the night before you go out. Keep the bottle in the fridge, and let the flavors infuse into your water. You’ll never have to crave for sugary sodas or artificial fruit juices again! 

Mix up your fruit and herb choices each day according to your mood. You can even chop up your fruits and herbs during the weekend, and freeze them in single-serve portions before adding them to your water bottle right before you leave. The fruits will keep your drink cold as it slowly infuses your water with flavor as the fruits thaw! 

2. Prepare Iced Water on the Go!

Got aluminum water bottles? Those are 100% reusable – fill them up with water again and again without worry! One good way to make use of aluminum bottles is to fill the bottles with water to the halfway point, then place these bottles in the freezer to ice up. Make sure the bottles are at a 45 degree angle, or laid on its side. 

The next day, take a bottle out of your freezer, and run the cap through the hot water tap to loosen the ice. Pour cold water into the bottle, which now has ice in it, and this should keep your water ice-cold for the majority of the day as you drink it! 

3. Freeze Bottled Water for Drink Coolers

Plastic bottled water is lightweight, water-tight, and can be frozen into ice. These attributes make plastic bottled water a great ice pack for drink coolers! Freeze a bunch of bottled water the day before your camping trip, summer barbecue, or house party. Use these instead of ice in your cooler to cool down your drinks without getting ice water everywhere! 

Plus, once the ice has melted, you have ice-cold water to keep yourself hydrated with. It’s the perfect way to keep your food cold as well during your hiking trip or road trip! The frozen bottles will keep your cooler cold throughout the entire day. 

4. Make a Single-serve Slush

Take your bottle of water, and place it on its side in the freezer. Let it freeze for two hours unbothered. This will supercool the water without turning it into ice, so it should still be liquid when you take it out two hours later. 

Give the bottle a good shake or bang it on the table, and watch as the water instantly turns into a slushie! Add fruit on top, drizzle some honey, and enjoy your cool, refreshing slush that will hydrate you at the same time! 

5. Cold Brew Some Tea Infusions

Who said tea isn’t hydrating? Despite its diuretic properties, tea can be a good source of hydration, as long as it is drunk in moderation, and without any added sugars or artificial flavors. Take a bag of your favorite tea, and submerge it in your bottle of water. Place the bottle in the fridge, and let the tea cold brew overnight. 

Cold brewing removes the bitter flavors, and decreases the caffeine content so you can drink up without worrying about the caffeine! Add lemons or berries into your tea for an added flavor boost, and keep refilling the bottle for hydration on the go!